Collection: Infant Girl Clothes (12-24mos)

Are you looking for unique baby clothes? Swimwear, a dress, or an outfit for a special occasion, we offer a stunning collection of infant girl clothing. We are proud to offer many fabulous brands that hold options for your little infant. These years are precious and fleeting, savor every moment to the last! Her pudgy little hands and sweet cheeks and the tiny toes. Every day is filled with firsts throughout the first few years of life. A reason to celebrate her around every corner, a new skill to encourage her learning, its all precious and sure to be lasting memories.
We know how every new moment might mean something you will remember as she graduates high school, or goes off to college or when she has a child of her own. We love to provide beautiful clothing for your little girl, items that may become one of her favorite keepsakes of her childhood. Lets talk about a few different brands that hold adorable boutique clothing that is trendy for your baby girl.
Looking for coordinative sister outfits? Several of our designers excel at providing vast options that make organizing a family photo a breeze! These brands include Serendipity, Pink Chicken, Rylee & Cru and Haute Baby.

Serendipity Clothing is a brand that seeks to fill their clothes with joy and celebration. We love their beautiful prints and the cute ruffles that we often find trimming their garments. Looking for cute baby attire? Serendipity is sure not to disappoint. With quality comfort, moms and grandmothers love to purchase stunning outfits for their loved little girl. Every infant dress and baby girls romper is lovingly stitched. The new spring 2021 collections are just as wonderful as the current items. Keep your eye out for the pre orders to launch, we know that you dont want to miss out!.

Rylee & Cru and Nora Lee are two designer brands that, although they come from the same company, have two different feels to their creations. If you are looking for the boho chic that has started to become a hot trend, especially during the summer, then Rylee and Cru is your brand. Their designs are filled with a touch of tie dye and beautiful long skirts. Your mouths will drop at the sight of the new gypsy maxi skirt found in the spring 2021 collection. This skirt falls to a dramatic hemline, and is sure to become her favorite piece in her entire wardrobe. The Nora Lee line is filled with collections that hold an attitude all their own and are sure to have something she loves. We love the look of beautiful dresses for special occasions while their beautiful in pink hair accessories are as sweet as can be!.

Looking for cozy and comfortable all day long? Not many of our brands fail to meet this standard, but there are a few that take soft fabric and comfort to a whole new level. The Rylee and Cru brand is known for their sweet slouchy cuts while the muted palette and simple styles speak to modern mommies everywhere. Going a step further, every design by Angel Dear is created with a bamboo fabric that you will have to feel to believe. The wonderful thing about the bamboo fabric besides its soft nature is its natural wicking ability to keep her cool and comfortable in the sun. .

Trendy baby girl clothing is also sure to be found in the wonderful collections from Haute Baby. We love their new Be Mine line that is as sweet as can be for Valentines week. Many designs are made with 100% cotton, sure to be lovely for your infant girl.

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