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Beautiful newborn baby girl take me home outfits. Katie Rose is as sweet as can be for coming home from the hospital. Special Christening gowns that can be worn for generations to come. All made in the USA.
With designs that are filled with soft colors and delicate lace, a baby gown or newborn outfit from Katie Rose is a design that will be cherished for years. Every piece is made in the USA and built from the ground up with a focus on quality and detail. Whether you are looking at a beautiful coming home outfit or a baptism dress, Katie Rose will fill the look with beautiful appliques and and details that stand out. The brand specializes in creating baby girl gowns and outfits in different styles and in a soft shade of ivory, white, lavender or pink. With a new baby in the house, every event is such an exciting experience.

We always go to Katie Rose first when searching for baby shower gifts. New moms feel as though they are opening a treasure when the gift includes one of the gorgeous baby girl gowns. As she pulls back the tissue her eye will be drawn to intricate lace, darling appliques and fabric flowers. To really take the look over the top, include a matching blanket, socks or headband.

One of the top sellers from Katie Rose is the “Infant Bloomer Dress in Ivory Abby.” This design begins with the same cotton that is soft to the touch. A pink ribbon runs around her waist and ties on the back into a bow. For added detail, we find a wide crochet ivory ribbon and a large full bloom set on the front. Delicate lace is placed on the cuffs and hem for a decorative edge. Baby girl stays comfortable in the bloomers that are found beneath the tulle skirt.

The wonderful thing about Katie Rose baby girl gowns that they are sure to look wonderful in her first photos. Newborn images are such an important monument, especially to first time moms. Babies grow too fast, and these precious first photographs are what we have to look back on and remember how tiny they once were. Her whole modeling look from head to toe will coordinate when you add a matching pair of socks and a decorative headband or blanket.

One of the newest designs from Katie Rose, the Fancy baby Dress in Pink is a welcomed addition to their rows of beautiful creations. The piece is made in a soft light pink, complementing the fresh newborn skin and soft to the touch from cotton. Satin pink ribbon ties around the waist with an added ivory detail and a large pink bloom. The bloomers beneath finish with a stretch hem dressed in bows. The sheer overlay is covered in small flowers and an ivy twisting up from the hem.

The long baptism dresses from Katie Rose dress her in white or ivory perfectly suited for the day. These designs have long skirts that keep her legs warm and bundled while a gorgeous lace designs forming a skirt overlay. Trimmings on these pieces include satin ribbons and scallop cut hemlines. Her baptism or christening is a special event you will want to remember for a lifetime. A Katie Rose gown is the perfect way to add a tangible heirloom that will be filled with memories of that day.

Another popular style from Katie Rose, the wrap outfit is available in many colors. The baby girl outfit begins with a long sleeve top, often featuring a lace trim to accent the cut. The front of this top is closed with a snap. Paired beneath are bloomer pants, These are roomy, soft and begin with a comfortable stretch waist to match the hem on both legs. A matching hat or hair accessory often comes with the designs, and you can be sure that we also carry a matching Katie Rose blanket!

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