Wishes for a Bright and Brilliant New Year

Happy New Year 2014

Today is the final day of the 2013 calendar and many people have already begun to look forward to what 2014 might bring. The traditions of this holiday are celebrated differently all around the world! Some countries believe it is good luck for the new year to find broken plates piled outside of your house, others believe you eat 12 grapes at midnight.

Whatever culture you might be a part of, the symbolism is always clear, sentiment of glad tidings to our friends and families and a celebration of ushering a new year filled with new hopes, dreams, and opportunities. Here at LaBella Flora we have been preparing for the coming of 2014 for several months now.

While describing so many gorgeous pieces that will fill our store this coming spring season, there was one thing all of the brands have in common, they desire to create a high quality outfit that she will adore wearing and mom can boast of the great style. Whether you love the vintage inspiration or look for the height of new trends, you can be certain that we will be busting at the seams with new items already beginning to trickle in.

The first wave of Giggle Moon spring preorders have already been placed online! The bright colors and light weight fabrics are welcomed with open hearts. The adorable ruffles and fun prints certainly don’t hurt! Our spring 2014 preorder page will be continuously updated as the designers release photos.

What looks like a hit for the coming seasons? Bold patterns and the cool colors like a melon, mint, coral, or turquoise! Some of our brands have returned to a quiet elegance for the darling girls special occasion dresses that fill their collections. Every graceful touch of lace or gorgeous applique has been carefully designed to delight! Don’t miss out on the new pieces, some of the styles will sell out quickly! Our newsletter list will be sure to update you when a hot brand is put on PreOrder or arrives in the store!

We love all of our customers dearly and cannot wait to share in your celebrations and style of 2014.

May your New Year’s celebration be filled with love, laughter, and a light of hope as you keep the good and say farewell to the not-so-good found in 2013. May more dreams be realized and more relationships fostered in your 2014!


The LaBella Flora Staff

Giggle Moon Morning Glory Dress

*Top Image from http://www.happynewyear2014.co/

*Bottom Image provided to us by Giggle Moon Baby

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