Tips on Tutus

The favorite outfit for a little girl who dances will always be a tutu. It bounces and floats as the wearer dances. It’s elegant, light, and graceful. The epitome of femininity. Even little girls who don’t dance beg for their own tutu dress.

There’s one problem with tutus though. They are difficult to take care of. confused The tulle is delicate and easily damaged, and if not stored properly, the tutu can lose its shape and life. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your tutu:


1) Hang them upside down. This keeps them fluffy and in shape. Either hang them from the panties or simply flip the dress inside out and hang it from the straps like normal. The dress will still be upside down this way, and when you flip it inside out again, the tulle will be fluffy. Also, when hanging in a closet, leave plenty of room for the tutu, don’t crowd it, or it will end up flat! When taking it off the hanger and getting ready to put on your girl, make sure to separate the layers like the ones on the Ooh La La dress above. This also fluffs it out properly. 🙂


2) Spritz with a mixture of liquid fabric softener and water to prevent static and to help it lay flat, if that is the style of the tutu. Not too much, since its not good for tulle to get too damp! However, this should remove the static and help a dress like the Tutu Du Monde jeweled dress above lay correctly. Also, if the tulle on the skirt is creasing and wrinkling in the wrong way, hang upside down in your bathroom while taking a hot shower. This will loosen the wrinkles and help remove them.

3) Air them every once in awhile. It is never good for any dress to be left in a closet for too long, and a tutu is no different! surprised The best and simplest way to do this is to pull the dress out, put it on your little girl, and have her twirl for you! 😀 Let her dance for you, maybe you can even dance together, but when you’re done, place it back in the closet to store for whenever your next big event is, whether that’s twirling or walking the red carpet. 😉

Enjoy your fabulous tutus! 😀

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