Tips on Getting Your Flower Girl Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

Tips on Getting Your Flower Girl Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

Recently we shared that Holly, a LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique associate, was married this spring. She recently shared some of her wedding pictures with us and we just had to share a picture of her flower girl, Chloe, taken by Avery Michael Photography.

Chloe wore an Isobella and Chloe’s special occasion dress. She was simply adorable carrying out her flower girl duties.

danholly (326)Looking through Holly’s pictures made me starting thinking about my niece’s upcoming wedding. My youngest daughter is going to be her flower girl. In addition to scattering flower petals, the main job of the flower girl is to add some charm and lightheartedness to the day. The biggest challenge for the flower girl is getting to the end of that aisle. It can be a little intimidating and a little scary when everyone turns and all eyes are focused on her.

My oldest daughter has been a flower girl three times, making it down the aisle each time, with the help of some very intentional bribing. Here are my top two tips.

  1. I learned this trick from a creative grandma, tape a couple pieces of gum to the bottom of the flower basket. After she gets to the end of the aisle and in her seat, she can have the gum. If you would like to keep your flower girl occupied a little longer, use extra tape.
  2. At all times, little girls are obsessed with a movie or a character. Right now, my five-year-old loves Frozen. When my oldest was little she loved the movie Spirit, because it was all about horses. She loved horses. So at the end of the aisle there was a surprise sitting in her seat, two new horses from the movie in a sparkly gift bag. She bounced down the aisle with a huge smile on her face. Just make sure you take the surprise out of its packaging and it’s ready for play. I would also suggest using a cloth gift bag instead of a noisy paper bag.

These tips would also work with any future ring bearer. With another flower girl in my future, I would love your suggestions on creative things you have done to get your flower girl down the aisle. Please share your tips with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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