Throw A Spa Birthday Party For Your Tween

Throw A Spa Birthday Party For Your Tween

When my youngest daughter turned 8, she had a Shopkins birthday party. And last year for her 9th birthday, we had a Christmas themed birthday party. I know this sounds a little odd, but we moved when she was 8. We bought my parents home and remodeled it. For months our house was a construction zone. When Christmas rolled around, our decorations were in storage and every room in our house was torn apart…so no Christmas decorations. Quite a bummer for a little girl.

We did the painting ourselves, even my little 8-year-old helped fill nail holes and did a little (very little, basically a photo op) painting. While I was removing green painter’s tape, I started sticking the tape to my arm. I noticed it was starting to take the shape of a tree…Voila…we had a Christmas tree. It has actually become a great memory for my family and they don’t want me to throw it away. Here it is…

Christmas tree made out of painters tape

Fast forward, my daughter will be 10 on her next birthday. I know that she is going to want a more grown-up party. I came across a spa party theme while on Pinterest. I can’t image any girl that wouldn’t love to be pampered with her friends. I mean if one of my friends wants to throw a spa party, I am there!

Do you want to throw a birthday party for your tween that her friends will be talking about for years to come? Then a spa party is a must. has an adorable blog featuring a spa party to end all spa parties. I wish I was invited. From the yummy treats to the perfect pink hues, it is perfection.

Photos by KellyClare Photography. Blog by
Photos by KellyClare Photography. Blog by

What are the keys to a successful spa party? First, if they are old enough to have them, take their phones at the door. Mom and dad know where they are…safe and sound. Put the phones in a basket and let them be kids. Like they are supposed to be! Nothing but fun and giggles, just enjoying each other’s company.

How about a Great Invitation?

You can have an invitation printed or you can create your own. Either way there are so many adorable options! I love the idea of an eye mask as an invitation or a nail polish bottle invitation. If you don’t have time to craft your own invitation, hop-on-over to a great site like Zazzle and have an invitation printed. Someone has already done the work for you, easily customize an invite with just a few clicks.


Great Spa Treatments

Now that you enticed everyone to come to her party with an adorable invitation, what should you do for them? How about a manicure and pedicure? Create a nail polish bar with a rainbow of choices. If you are like me, you have a huge basket of nail polishes in colors that I often wonder, “What was I thinking?” Be really brave, let them mix their own shade of nail polish. Soak their little toes in a tub of warm water with floating flower petals before their pedicure and have a bowl of sudsy water ready for her fingers. Her guests will feel like princesses.

How about a facial? Set up bowls with warm water, a washcloth, and a mild face cleanser to wash their faces. Cut up some cucumbers and let them rest their eyes. Warm some towels in a crock-pot with a little water and wrap their faces. Finally, provide a delicate face moisturizer to be applied. Magic and relaxation…what tween wouldn’t love this?

If you are so inclined, hire a hair dresser and let them try-out a new hairdo or experience an amazing blow-out. Better yet, if your have the skills or big sis does, give them a stylish up-do. They will love it!

spa treatment

FOOD is a Must

For big girls and little girls, great snacks and food are a must for a successful party. Pinterest is loaded with yummy ideas that they won’t soon forget. How about a spa birthday cake? Or some adorable spa themed cookies? Set up a snack bar loaded with sweet treats, fresh fruits, and a few salty snacks. For drinks, how about some bubbly non-alcoholic grape champagne? Or infuse some water, introduce them to something new. Set up a self-serve lemonade-style-jar of water loaded with sliced strawberries or cucumbers. Make sure to have some “regular” water for those who might not be too adventuresome when it comes to trying new foods and/or drinks. You want everyone to leave happy.


Give them a Great Take-Home Gift

Send each girl home with a little gift to remember their spa day or night. Tie a nail file and a bottle of nail polish together with a ribbon matching your party colors. Or send them home with a cute pair of flip flops from Old Navy (always a bargain) to keep their pedicure fresh and chip free. Better yet, have a basket of pre-cut ribbons by the flip flops for the girls to tie on to customize their own pair.

Another great idea, buy each girl a handheld mirror to bedazzle with rhinestones. This is a gift that she will use for years to come.

take home gift

A Great Outfit

Even if your special girl is wearing a fluffy robe during her spa party, she needs a great new outfit to greet her guests and for pictures after spa treatments. How about a trendy romper? We have her covered. Check out this new arrival from Mayoral. She will love it.


Do you want to go all out? In a past blog about Tutu Du Monde, we featured a dress-up birthday party thrown by Alice Ryan Miller, a PR specialist from California, for her daughter. The girls were treated to an amazing day of dress-up and Tutu Du Monde dresses. A day these girls will always cherish.


What better way to celebrate your special tween than a day of pampering? It doesn’t matter if it is a bash with hired nail techs and hairdressers or a DIY party, it will be a day she never forgets!

For more information on spa birthday invitations, check out our Pinterest Board, Spa Birthday Party for Tween Girls.

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