Summer Must Haves for Your Tween: Books, Bags, Clothes, and Beach Towels

Summer Must Haves for Your Tween: Books, Bags, Clothes, and Beach Towels

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Is your little fashionista ready for summer fun? Get her and her closet ready for an epic summer vacation, full of lazy days by the pool, bonfires, picnics, and sunsets. We thought we would take the work out of summer shopping, just click on the images below for a link to the items featured.

A Great Book or Better Yet a Stack of Books

My youngest has learned to always take a book with her no mater our destination, especially in the summer. A book is the perfect addition to lounging by the pool or sitting at your brother’s tennis match. Plus, it is a great way to keep that brain engaged over the summer without feeling like mom is making you do homework. I also like to block out time every day for reading. My daughter loves it when we sit together and read. It is a great time to turn off the electronics and relax, although I have to admit, occasionally mom falls asleep.I found a great list of must reads at the website These are books aimed at 9 to 12-year-olds. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my daughter lost in a book. Check these out for your special girl. Each book can be found at Barnes and Noble.

1. Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed

Book Synopsis:

Amal’s peaceful life in Pakistan is uprooted after she accidentally insults the town’s wealthy landowner and is forced into indentured servanthood. She desperately misses her family and her beloved books. When Amal gets a chance to expose the landowner for the murderer he is, she does, hoping it will be enough to free her and the others in the household. Amal Unbound is an engrossing and atmospheric story.

2. The Boy, the Bird and the Coffin Maker by Matilda Woods

Book Synopsis:

Set in the Italian town of Allora, a magical bird and a boy named Tito unexpectedly arrive at the home of Alberto, a lonely coffin-maker. Hoping he’s finally safe from his abusive stepfather, Tito slowly builds bonds of trust and friendship with Alberto. Rich description, magical realism, and a heartfelt friendship will enchant readers.

3. Daring Dreamers Club by Erin Soderberg

Book Synopsis:

Five friends with big dreams — Piper, Mariana, Zahra, Ruby, and Milla — team up to form the Daring Dreamers Club. Each friend is different with her own unique dream. This first book focuses on Milla, a girl who dreams of world travel. But first she must convince her moms to let her travel to the overnight Adventure Camp.

4. Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart

Book Synopsis:

Brodie, a loyal dog, knows he can’t stay in heaven. His boy is still in danger. He and new friend, Tuck, return to earth as ghosts with soul lights that will dim to nothing if they stay too long. A ghost cat named Patsy helps them escape soul-sucking hellhounds and find Brodie’s boy who is still in danger from his abusive father. Both action-packed and tender, this is a story that will stick with you.

5. Hope in the Holler by Lisa Lewis Tyre

Book Synopsis:

After her mother dies, Wavie moves in with her malicious aunt in a poor Appalachian town. She tries to remember her mother’s inspiring wisdom: “Be brave, Wavie B! You got as much right to a good life as anybody, so find it!” Despite her circumstances, Wavie is determined to live with courage and optimism — and hopefully stop her aunt from becoming her legal guardian.

A Great Bag to Carry Her Essentials

A definite must for summer, a great bag. A mini backpack is a great option to store that favorite book, wallet, and other essentials. If she loves sparkle and shine, this is a great option.


Is she headed to the beach? Keep her stuff dry and sand-free with this bag which is a perfect fit for sunblock and her favorite beach towel. Lands End has some adorable options that can be personalized.

From Lands End

Is she headed out to shop with friends, a movie, or, maybe a scoop of ice cream? How about a crab or cactus bag from Betsey Johnson? A great way to add a pop of color and a bunch of fun to any outfit.

From Betsey Johnson

Some Great Clothes for Her Closet

We have some great brands for tweens at Better yet, most of these brands are on sale…currently up to 50% off.

Flowers By Zoe

Flowers by Zoe is a one-of-a-kind brand for tweens. Both cute and trendy, it is always a customer favorite. Quirky unique prints, bright colors, and tie-dye patterns will help her stand out in a crowd, easily paired with a jacket or cardigan. With versatile pieces to transition from spring to summer, its also great brand for your fashion diva to express herself and still be age appropriate. Something moms appreciate.

Tweens L-O-V-E Rompers

Rompers were the hot trend last summer and they are not losing any steam. Perfect for hot temps and a hit for all ages. We have a great selection of rompers this season. Truly Me’s summer collection features several rompers, currently on sale. From cold-shoulder rompers to shorts with maxi skirts attached, we a great selection for your tween to choose from.

A Great White Dress

A white dress for summer is a must for sun-kissed faces and long weekends at the lake or vacations at the beach. It’s a classic and a go-to. A great choice for graduations, celebrations, and special occasions. And face it, your tween can even get away with it at a summer wedding.

A Designer Swimsuit

At my house swimsuits are a one-season item, from chlorine to salt water ours are wrecked. Make a splash this summer in a new swimsuit. From two-pieces to one-piece, we have the right style for everyone. From patriotic patterns to mermaid styles we have it all. Pick one, pick two, or pick them all – we have the perfect suit for your swimmer.

A Designer Beach Towel

Last but not least, how about a great beach towel? These two beach towels are available from Vera Bradley. Like, Vera Bradley is located in Northeast Indiana. These unique towels will be easy to spot while poolside and sure to not be confused with someone else’s towel.

If your tween hasn’t started their summer break, they will be soon. I hope this blog has made your summer shopping a little easier.

Enjoy every moment with you kiddos this summer. From tween to graduate, it goes way too fast.

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