Say Hello to Fall 2017 PreOrders!

Say Hello to Fall 2017 PreOrders!

I am so beyond excited to share with you all of the great brands and styles that are already released for Fall 2017 PreOrders. PreOrders are the perfect way to make sure that your daughter secures the styles that she loves in her perfect size! Are you new to PreOrdering? Let’s talk through the basics real quick before diving into just a few of the designers and their fabulous new looks!

Okay, so you have found the item(s) that you love, what’s next? While you are adding your selected pieces to the shopping cart you will be asked to select a payment option. All PreOrders are eligible for a 25% deposit. When you purchase using the deposit payment option, it gives you the flexibility to make additional payments until they arrive or you can opt to pay the full remainder once they are ready to ship. When you pay with a credit card, the remaining balance is automatically charged when it is ready to ship. Using PayPal in tandem with the deposit has a slightly different process. When your items are ready to ship, we will contact you with a notification that your PayPal account has been invoiced for the amount due. Watch for our e-mails! All orders that are paid in full are shipped out first. Please call if you have any questions.

Hannah Banana

Now that we know how, let’s talk about what (the fun part)! Some of these brands will deserve a blog post all to themselves, some of these are perfect to talk about together. This post I want to focus on the SaraSara brands. These include: Hannah Banana, Truly Me and Baby Sara. Often we find adorable prints, comfortable textures and beautiful appliques. This fall 2017 season is no exception. We love that all of these items are perfect for either school days or recitals! A fun addition to Hannah Banana this fall is the select pieces from the Black Label line. This line is filled with dresses and separates that are dressy and will make her feel special!

Baby SaraTruly Me

The sister lines, Baby Sara and Truly Me, are designed to accommodate a specific size range. Both keep up the tradition of quality that SaraSara is known for. Her friends will be jealous of any design she selects from their fall 2017 collections.

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