Persnickety's Bo Peep!

Persnickety, as their name implies, continues to give great attention to details resulting in fabulous designs! Their new line Bo Peep coming out for spring and summer 2014 is no different. The clothes, which are available online, feature a style based of off Bo Beep, the endearing girl who herded sheep. With ruffles, bows, and gentle pastel colors, any girl would look just as sweet frolicking in the fields as Bo Peep and her sheep.

This darling dress from this Bo Peep line is sure to enhance the sweetness of your little girl. With the bodice offering an empire waist dressed with a vintage inspired print that ties in a bow on her back, she’ll look delightful. A sleeveless top that matches a separate pair of charming leggings and a light blue skirt that is covered in a delicate pattern introduces brilliant colors.persnickety-clothing-kassidy-tunic-dress-3

The Bo Peep line continues to please with this delightful halter top. With the wide stripes on the bodice, red trim ruffles, and rose patterned skirt, it’s sure to delight her the first moment she sees it! Pair it with the ruffled shorts, and you have sweets for the eyes.persnickety-clothing-betsy-halter-top-1

Not to be outdone, this dress makes any girl as charming as she can be, and your little girl will know it. The sleeveless bodice allows her to layer with her favorite cardigan or sweater, and the cool grey of the skirt brings out the vibrancy of the yellow buttons. Pair with the bright striped leggings to brings out more vibrancy.200-16-portrait-1-400x600Each outfit is stunningly endearing and the Bo Peep line has even more! Check out the rest here at La Bella Flora!

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