Our Favorite Unique Baby Gifts for Girls

Our Favorite Unique Baby Gifts for Girls

I feel like everywhere I turn, someone is announcing they are expecting. Even Joanna Gaines recently announced she is having her 5th child. Finally, a reason that makes me feel better about the end of the hit show, Fixer Upper, at the height of its popularity.

When I had my first child, I went into the delivery room not knowing if I was having a boy or a girl. It was a girl! I received gender neutral baby gifts at my baby showers and the nursery was decorated with a theme for a boy or girl – Winnie the Pooh. It was so exciting to call grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles to announce we had a baby girl. Now…I don’t know anyone who is surprised at delivery. The only exception is the rare mom and dad who were told the sex of their baby, only to find out the doctor or technician was wrong. My best friend was told she was having a girl and was totally prepared for a girl -surprise she had a boy.

We live in an age of gender reveals…the more elaborate the better. I can’t believe how often I find myself mesmerized on Facebook or Twitter watching a touching gender reveal moment or hysterical boy devasted by the news that he is getting another sister. Gender reveals have become a million dollar industry for balloon companies, bakers, and more.


I may sound a little sarcastic, but I know if reveals were a trend when I was expecting I would have joined in and had a gender reveal party too. Probably a big, over the top social media worthy reveal.

So now that we know there is a baby on the way and the sex of the baby, it is time to think about a marvelous gift for the new baby in your life.

With each of my children, there are gifts that stand out. A special gift from a close friend or family member, still treasured by my family. My 21-year-old still takes an angel blanket to college that was given to her by a close business associate. I am sure it will move with her when she graduates from college this spring and moves away from home.

As I get ready to attend baby showers this spring, I thought I would share some unique baby gifts for girls, hopefully, making your shopping a little easier.

Always My Favorite…Books

I love books as gifts. During a time period in which I was invited to a baby shower virtually every week (not exaggerating), my favorite gift to give was a book. This book, Harper Collins Treasury Picture Book Classics A Child’s First Collection, is still one of my favorites. Currently, my life involves more graduation party invites than baby showers, but in my baby shower days I had a stack of this book wrapped and ready-to-go at all times. I still strongly recommend it, the book was updated in 2015 with some “new classics” and is currenly available at Barnes and Noble for $32.48.


A Customized ABC Book

Like so many moms, I was part of the scrapbooking craze when my oldest three were little. I scrapbooked two Friday nights a month with my friends and even did scrapbook retreats a couple times a year. I painstakingly selected stickers and paper for each page. Then we adopted my youngest daughter and I never scrapbooked again. Now all my albums are created online.

My older kids, nieces, and nephew all have adorable ABC albums that I created filled with stickers and pictures. I do love ABC computer generated albums I found on Pinterest, which can be easily be duplicated. My go-to for creating albums/books is Snapfish. My next ABC book will be created online, definitely less time and a better outcome. Pictures of grandma and grandpa can easily be inserted into the album, you can even add pictures of favorite pets, toys, and stuffed animals.


A Photo Shoot

Contact a local photographer and find out how much it is for a newborn photo shoot or a family portrait. What better way to capture this magical time. Purchase a gift certificate as a gift. If you are lucky, you may get a print of one of the images. If you want a gift that can be unwrapped, buy a beautiful frame and put the gift certificate in it.


A Designer Baby Gown or Outfit

A gorgeous baby outfit, dress, or gown from LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique is a wonderful gift. Designer Katie Rose creates exquisite baby clothes perfect for introducing the little jewel in your life to the world. Each piece is detailed with delicate rosettes, ribbons, and sheer lace. Every gown comes with a coordinating bonnet. Katie Rose has also created blankets, headbands, and socks to coordinate with all of their clothing. There are sure to be oohs and ahhs when your gift is opened.

purple gowns

This purple gown from Katie Rose is timeless, ideal for a take home outfit or portraits. Mom will love this unique color.

Want an outfit instead of a gown? Pink or Cream? Who doesn’t love a perfectly pink outfit for girls or a cream outfit to add a vintage flare to those first photos?


A heirloom christening gown is another priceless gift that mom will treasure and can be passed down from generation to generation.


A Custom Name Sign

Want a gift for the nursery? How about a custom made sign with her name on it? Find out what her nursery colors are and coordinate the sign with these colors.


Or keep it neutral and something that will grow with her.


I would suggest trying to find a sign that is handmade instead of mass produced. Etsy is a great place to look.

A Vermont Teddy Bear

Each of my children received a Vermont Teddy Bear at birth or upon adoption from my parents. The bears still sit in their rooms…even my boys’ rooms. My parents fell in love with the company on a family trip to Vermont.


Visit our Pinterest Board, Unique Baby Gifts for Girls for more great options or our newborn section at LaBellaFlora.com for adorable outfits, dresses, gowns, blankets, headbands, and socks.

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