Mustard Pie Clothing: A Brand that Stands Apart

Mustard Pie Clothing: A Brand that Stands Apart

One of our most favorite brands, Mustard Pie Clothing really takes the cake when you are looking for style and comfort all in one outfit. Mustard Pie is filled with vintage influenced designs that bring fun prints and cute colors that breathe life to her wardrobe. Most of their designs are created from 100% cotton or a stretch cotton blend, both providing casual fits she will feel at home in all day long. Sending her back to school in top styles, Mustard Pie clothing truly is a step above. The fabrics are easy to care for and machine washable, making everything a little less stressful for mom. Durability allows each beautiful article of clothing to last all season long and even be passed on for another darling girl to enjoy.

Every collection created by Mustard Pie allows her creative spirit to shine through as many pieces are easy to mix and match. She will adore showing off her own outfit creations as she makes a blend of her favorites. Many moms love the charming ruffles, whether they are found on the Mustard Pie dresses, bell pants or tops. The ruffles add movement to her outfit and often are used to introduce coordinating prints. Beyond style, offering many colors and prints in a single piece make it easy to pair and to match for sister outfits. Compliments follow every Mustard Pie outfit wherever she wears it.

Every little girl loves to feel all dolled up. Adding special accessories are the perfect way to make sure she does! Mustard Pie headbands come in two classic styles, the stretch band and the wrap that is tied. These accessories are dressed to the nines with ruffle flowers and lace. Any hair accessory you purchase can also be used with a casual tee and jeans any day of the week. The southern charm of Mustard Pie holds its own special spirit in every design and will speak to her imagination and personal artistry.

The Mustard Pie designers take their inspiration from the seasons their collections are created for and add their own flavor. Every collection has its own unique mix of colors unlike any other Mustard Pie clothing that came before. Sizes ranging from infant to girls size 10 and many colors in each outfit, make planning a family photo easy when you use Mustard Pie. The holiday 2016 collection has been much anticipated and warmly welcomed. Light ivory, rich red and bold black come together for a classic look that will be enchanting at any Christmas party. From the first of December through Christmas night, she will feel like a Christmas angel in her Mustard Pie dresses and outfits. Just one look at any of the holiday dresses makes it easy to envision her sitting by the tree with the light filling her eyes as she opens each gift. A picture perfect memory you can hold onto as she grows up and eventually has a family of her own. Moments like these are the ones she will look back on when deciding what traditions to carry on for her daughter.

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