Magical Spring 2017 Trends

Magical Spring 2017 Trends

One of my favorite themes found throughout many collections for Spring 2017 is magic. With a whimsical unicorn, swimming mermaids and more, these looks truly celebrate what it means to have a child’s imagination. We know that you will love these styles just as much as your darling daughter. Let’s dive into the deep and discover a look for everyone!

Artboard 1Already featured on our social media and our blog, Rylee and Cru spring 2017 cannot go unmentioned in this post. Why? Because the vintage circus theme is filled with a magic all it’s own. We love the playful prints that include show ponies and big top tents. Have you ever purchased a darling outfit only to hear your daughter complain about itchy fabric or uncomfortable cuts? You will never experience such complaints when you purchase Rylee and Cru. The slouchy cuts add to the adorable quotient while the fabrics have slight stretch and are soft to the touch.

t2-love-mermaid-tank-for-girls-5Speaking about comfort, let’s look at how T2 Love continues this tradition by placing all of their fabric through washes that achieve the ultimate level of softness. We know that your tween will appreciate this as must as the girls in our own lives here in Auburn, IN do. The one thing that makes one brand of casual clothing her go to over the others is this buttery soft feeling, smooth and comfortable all day long. Their new spring 2017 designs continue with their dedication to the ever day wardrobe. Whether she is looking for separates, dresses or rompers, we know that she will find a style she loves among the newest selections. Speaking to the fantastical trend, this stormy tie dye top joins the parade of pieces that include a playful nod to the mystical realm of creatures. We love the way they turned the trend on its head by placing a bold black silhouette on the faded yield sign.

DSC_7212Our next look at this fun and playful trend comes from several selections by Five Loaves Two Fish. These dresses are on the top of everyone’s favorite list for this season, and there is no question why. With wide eyed wonder, your daughter will gleam when she spies the summer parades, prancing unicorns and swimming mermaids that are placed upon the most beautiful of dresses. These styles are so popular and are selling fast. We suggest that you jump on board before you miss the best look of the season!! For those younger customers, there is a separate baby style for two of these dresses that also features bloomer shorts to be placed beneath the skirt.

petit-LemMy final showcase of the magical creature trend comes from one of our newer and smaller brands, Petit Lem. The majority of our customers have not yet had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful brand, but we know that those who have, fell in love. With three styles still available, we find a new piece of magic in each design. The small coral dress brings a subtle touch of the ocean’s mystery with the golden starfish print. My personal favorite is the skirt set (actually matching the dress). This outfit features a fun tulle skirt while a large dreamy mermaid is featured on the light pink top. I can image a beautiful girl boasting of her new look to all of her friends or even just at school. Your daughter will love the way any piece from Petit Lem makes her feel, like a stylish princess straight out of a movie.

Join the conversation, what is your favorite piece that boasts of this trend? Is there one that should have been mentioned, but wasn’t? I want to hear all about which outfit your daughter would love the most and where she would wear it! 😀

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