LaBella Flora Cutie Contest Winner Valentine's Edition

LaBella Flora Cutie Contest Winner Valentine's Edition

We would like to introduce you to our latest LaBella Flora Cutie Winner. Meet, Miss Bailey.

LaBella Flora Cutie

Miss Bailey, is from sunny, California. As you can tell from this gorgeous photo, Bailey likes to model. Bailey already has an agent and does lots of boutique modeling.

Bailey is in kindergarten. She is 5 1/2 years old, but will soon be turning 6. Her mom said that Bailey is very “energetic”. Bailey has a younger sister who just turned two. Very appropriately, her favorite movie is Frozen and her favorite princess is Elsa, a perfect fit for Bailey and her sister.

Bailey loves to play outside and has been riding her bike without training wheels since she was 4 1/2 years old. (Oh to live in California, lets just say those of us who live in Indiana haven’t played outside in a long time.) Bailey also takes Jazz classes and is working hard on her recital dances.

Bailey is an animal lover. She has three miniature dogs, named Bella, Reese, and Teddy. Bailey wishes she could have a cat, but she is allergic.

Bailey’s mom told us that she loves our pretty dresses, the girlier the better. She loves pink and sparkly. Her favorite line of clothes to wear is Giggle Moon. Part of Bailey’s prize is a LaBella Flora Gift Certificate, I am confident she can find something girly that she will love at LaBella Flora.

We love getting to know our LaBella Flora customers better. Thanks to Miss Bailey and her mommy for entering our LaBella Flora Cutie Contest, it was a joy to meet you.

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