Kentucky Derby Fashion from Un Deux Trois

The Kentucky Derby is by far one of the most fashionable sporting events. It has always been a suit and tie affair, as it always should be. What makes it even more famous is the hats. Marvelous big, colorful hats that make the soul giddy. It’s such a waste to only wear such splendid apparel at the race, which is why many host Kentucky Derby themed affairs, in which mothers and daughters alike may dress up in fabulous outfits and dazzling bonnets. Here at LaBella, we wanted to see how hats look with some of our dresses. Here are the results:

This Pixie Girl dress with its delicately delicious light purple goes beautifully with this charming straw bonnet. The bonnet, brought in by one of our associates, was actually given to her when she was a little girl. She has fond memories wearing it as a girl, and still keeps out, hanging on the wall, despite the fact she has outgrown it.

photo 1 Another great pair that we discovered was this Un Deux Trois dress with this magnificent striped hat. Your tween would look quite the little lady wearing such an ensemble, quite grown up really. The combination of black, white, and red always provides such a mature, classic style. For both outfits, Coastal Projections shoes were used to add a touch of stunning to the 2What do you think? Great Kentucky Derby ensembles? What would you wear?

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