Holiday Sister Dresses for Your Cuties

Holiday Sister Dresses for Your Cuties

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about being matchy-matchy for my kids, and I am absolutely loving the fact that we have so many options this season for holiday sister dresses! Some of them are more matchy than others, but they are all just beyond adorable. Here are some adorable outfits for special occasions whether it be Christmas, thanksgiving, or just a fun party in general.

sisters-white outfitsHere are some adorable winter wonderland white options from Haute Baby. They tied in some gorgeous feather details to really give the dimension and set them apart. Available in a larger sized dress, a baby gown with matching hat or a toddler pant outfit, these are perfect for any special occasion.

sisters-pink dresses

Here are some beautiful pink options for any occasion. The two LePink girls fancy party dresses will give her plenty of sparkle so she will really be the big hit of the party! The Baby Biscotti is such a cute option for babies, as the soft pink color is always in style.

sisters-black dresses

To add a little variety, here are some matching sister holiday dresses from Isobella & Chloe. They have so many choices this season is just about any color, it was hard to choose which ones to feature! I love how the two on the right are close enough to match, yet completely different silhouettes. On the left there are some gorgeous fabric flower details on the corset style bodice and the chiffon fabric just really says elegance.

So which are your favorite choices? Have you found any other LaBella Flora dresses that were good sister dresses too? As usual we’d love to see your little matching cuties! Tag us on instagram or twitter @LaBellaFlora1.

xoxo Cassidy

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