Hey everybody!

Since I’ll be handling the La Bella Flora blog from now on, I wanted to introduce myself. 🙂 My name’s Rachel, I’m in my early twenties, and I just started working here at La Bella Flora Children’s Boutique. It may seem strange to some that I, a woman without any children, would work with and write about little girls clothes, but despite that, I still know which dresses and outfits I would put on my girls, if I had any, and dream about the day when I can.

For example, if I had a little girl, I would undoubtedly place her in this darling pinafore dress from Mustard Pie. The light pink and butterflies create a soft and gentle look, making her look sweet. The combination of butterflies and ivory script on the ruffles give her a poetic air. Overall, simply endearing.


Another dress my girl would have in her closet would be this vintage styled striped dress designed by Katie Mack. The bright red brings vibrancy and life, causing her to nearly burst when combined with her own liveliness. And if she had my curly hair combined with the dress’s tutu she would look as adorable as Shirley Temple.


Last but not least, she would have a dress from Persnickety’s delightful Bo Peep line (if not more 😉 ). My first choice would be this lovely sundress. With its bright, but soft look, I can just imagine her dancing through a flowery meadow. Simply charming.
persnickety-clothing-kassidy-tunic-dress-3There is, of course, many other outfits I would want for my child from La Bella Flora, but if I had a daughter, these would be the first three I would get. Which outfits from La Bella Flora would you choose?

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