Great Ideas for Easter Celebrations...Quick and Easy Family Fun

Great Ideas for Easter Celebrations...Quick and Easy Family Fun

Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way. Are you looking for some quick, easy, and fun ideas for your Easter celebration? I am! This year I will be hanging with all my Peeps at my house on Easter Sunday. I will be in charge of coordinating all the festivities and food for the day. It is my mission to make sure everything is egg-stra ordinary! I have been on the hunt for some simple, but delightful, ideas that adults and kids will enjoy.

Following church, our day kicks off with a delicious potluck dinner with lots of casseroles, salads, and a ham, followed by yummy desserts. Our main dishes will be good ole comfort food packed with calories and butter! I do want to add a few unique additions that every-bunny will enjoy and remember, but they have to be simple and fail-proof. Here are a just a few cute ideas I found on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest board, Great Ideas for Easter Celebrations, for more hopping ways to make your day special.

Easter Bunny Bowl

Perfect for soup or veggie dip, how about a bunny bread bowl? Featured in a blog by The Idea Room, step-by-step instructions are provided for easy assembly. A couple years ago, my mom found an adorable picture of bread baked in the shape of a bunny on Facebook. She tried it and it was an epic fail. The grandchildren appreciated the effort and we still have a great laugh about it. Luckily, there is no baking required for this bunny bowl. I will be putting veggie dip in my bunny bread bowl. I always like to have raw veggies for the kids at large family meals. Sometimes vegetable casseroles that the grown-ups enjoy aren’t a hit with the young ones, so fresh vegetables are a great alternative. Veggies are also a great option for munching while waiting for that family member that is always late. You know we all have that one sibling or cousin who makes our food cold.

How about a cute Easter basket full of vegetables to go with that dip? Let your kids help arrange it. Better yet if you have some older ones make them clean and cut the vegetables ahead of time. Less work for mom.

veggie easter basket

Don’t forget about dessert. I usually assign dessert to my guests, but it is always nice to provide one or two you know will be a hit. Just in case, grandma brings that jello salad with cottage cheese or cheese in it…topped off with mayo. It might be an Indiana thing, but yes this happens. I love watching my kiddos faces as my mom says, “It’s really good, try it.” Then she turns to me and pleads with me to tell them how good it is. Nope, there are just some food combinations that are wrong.

chocolate bunny

I know chocolate covered strawberries will always be a hit with my family. Bonus, there is actual fruit involved. I love this tray of berries because it is easy and soooo darling. All you need is a chocolate bunny. If your bunny doesn’t have a tray, attach a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with the chocolate you will use for dipping the strawberries. My younger kids love helping making chocolate covered strawberries and eating them, sadly my oldest two don’t like chocolate. When making chocolate covered strawberries, it is always best to dip the strawberries the day of the party. The berries will start getting a bit watery if you make them too far in advance. I find the best big berries for dipping at Costco.

If you don’t have time to make dessert, how about a bunny cake from a local bakery? This bunny cake from Cake Central is adorable! Who could resist a piece of this yummy bunny? Every bunny will be tickled when they see this cake, young and old.

bunny cake

Don’t feel like cutting cake? Then how about some adorable cupcakes everyone can just grab and go?

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Do you want a nutritious option? How about fruit kabobs with Peeps. Another adorable way to sneak some healthy options in. Easily assembled…buy pre-cut fruit and add a Peep for a quick treat for guests. Or to take them to an Easter party at school.

fruit kabobs

Nothing says Easter more than fresh cut flowers, a great addition to your family-get-together. If you are hosting, add some fresh flowers to your table or take them as a gift if someone else is hosting. I will have to admit I am partial to pink, there is something about pink that screams “spring is finally here.” Although, I do love fresh cut yellow daffodils on Easter.


Sprucing up your mantel is a sweet way to make your house feel Easter-ific. Pick a soft color palette and layer some Easter decor. Most of us have some Easter decorations from past holidays. I love the idea of adding an Easter garland to the mantel or hanging it across the doorway. Make it yourself with your kiddos or buy one that looks like you made it on Etsy. Just remember the more the better…layer away.


I have great memories of decorating Easter eggs when I was young. Keep the tradition alive with your family. Country Living hatched some great new ideas for this family tradition. Check out their blog, 50+ Fun Easter Egg Designs- Creative Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs.


Do you have a special girl crazy about unicorns? Or, let’s be honest, are you crazy about unicorns? I am. They are just so darn cute! These unicorn eggs are relatively simple to make, here is a link to the tutorial.

Unicorn Easter Eggs

Now, how about some fun? No Easter celebration is complete without an Easter Egg Hunt. Our egg hunt is always a source of, we will say, family discussion (not arguments). Why? We have a large variety of ages in our family…from 21 to 1. So the older ones are way faster at finding eggs. There is also the discussion of what is the age cutoff for the egg hunt. I love this idea for toddlers. Tell the big kids to keep hands off any eggs attached to a balloon. Plus what little one doesn’t love balloons?


For the little boys and girls we like to do an egg hunt with a checklist. They have to look for specific colors, different chocolate shapes, or even different flowers in the yard. We also play bingo. With so many grandchildren it is hard for grandma and grandpa to do a basket for everyone, so Easter bingo with prizes is a great option for young and old. The kids get prizes varying from candy to cash. They all love candy and cash. I know I do.


Since we have kicked the big kids out of the Easter Egg hunt, we plan something fun with them. My husband comes up with a scavenger hunt, my brother and I load-up the teens in our cars, and off we go. They typically have about 15 challenges and must complete 10. Each must be documented with a video on their phone. My brother and I don’t know what we are looking for ahead of time so it becomes a challenge for us also. First one back has bragging rights for a year. It is fun and the kids love watching the videos from previous years.

Here are some of the examples of the challenges.

Make a list of 15 activities. First team to 10 wins. Each challenge must be recorded.

  1. Swing on a swing and slide on a slide.
  2. Shake a police officer’s hand.
  3. Pet a dog with permission from the owner.
  4. Run the bases at a baseball field.
  5. Dance in the middle of Walmart.
  6. Hug a stranger.
  7. Take a picture of a couple kissing.
  8. Walk backwards around a Courthouse or Public Library.
  9. Walk like a duck down Main Street.
  10. Take a picture with a statue.
  11. Thank a veteran for his service.
  12. Make a basket on a full-sized hoop.
  13. Ride a bike.
  14. Put your feet in a pool or a pond.
  15. Everyone hug a tree.

The first team to come back with 10 challenges completed wins. But, you know how it goes…grandma gives everyone a prize!

Although, one of my goals for the day is always to create memories for the kids that will last a lifetime. I also love spending the day with my extended family and just enjoying each other. The most important part of the day for my family is to celebrate that He has risen… He has risen indeed!

Hoppy Easter!

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