Giggle Moon's Morning Glory

Mornings are not my favorite time of day. Mornings mean I have to wake up, crawl out of my oh-so-comfy bed and brave the world. I am through and through a night owl. I’d rather be up late at night than wake up early before noon. I have realized though, there are those strange creatures known to us as “morning persons”. 😕 How they can not only wake up fully before 8 am and actually be cheerful will remain forever a mystery to me. 😯

My mother happens to be one of them. I shall never understand how she does it, but she prefers getting up at 6 and if I let her she would chit chat my ear off through breakfast. 🙄 We often don’t see eye to eye in this area. However, there’s one thing that makes me grateful my mother is a morning person, and that is, occasionally, I can see the morning through her eyes. Truly it is glorious. It’s bright and alive, full of vigor. 😀 And that’s exactly what Giggle Moon has captured in their Morning Glory designs.

The patterns like on this dress are lively and bold, simply beaming at you. Each one clamoring for attention like birds chatting away in the morning.giggle-moon-morning-glory-girls-party-dress-1

This outfit boasts of the brightness of morning. The orange and pink bring energy while the green suggests contrasting calmness that mornings often have.giggle-moon-morning-glory-tutu-dress-with-capri-1

This romper makes the baby look as cute and sweet as a flower opening in the sunlight. She looks as lovely as a bed of posies getting hit with rays of sunshine the first time that morning.
giggle-moon-morning-glory-baby-shortall-1Giggle Moon has done a wonderful job portraying Morning Glory with their outfits. But of course they aren’t finished yet. It won’t be a completed masterpiece until it’s on one of your little girls. After all, nothing comes close to the glory of a morning but a lively, little girl. Who is your morning glory? 😉

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