Flowers by Zoe and Modcloth


Here’s a brilliant idea, how about this: Flowers By Zoe and Modcloth. Just fantastic right? And guess what? We found it! Matching Flowers By Zoe and Modcloth dresses. They’re both simply stylish too.

The Flowers By Zoe dress is the Maxi Dress for Tweens Floral. It’s fashionable, bright (but not too bright, limiting the colors to only the flowers), and with the print on top of the stripes, makes a statement. The pom-poms on the layered bodice add a cute and chic touch. She’ll love wearing it anywhere. And guess what? We found a dress on Modcloth with a very similar print.


Say hello to the Lively & Well dress from Modcloth. This dress is a perfect complement to the tween dress from Flowers By Zoe. The colors are a little more subdued and it’s cut in an A-line unlike the Boho styled Flowers By Zoe. This is perfect for a mature woman. The slight differences in the dresses make them a perfect combination for mother and tween. She’ll get to dress similarly to her mother, but in a fashion suitable for a tween, and mother won’t look like she’s trying to be younger than she is.
Lively & WellWhat do you think? Great pairing for mother and daughter or not? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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