First Day of School Pictures

First Day of School Pictures

Here at LaBella Flora, we know that every parent likes to take pictures of their child in their fun Back-to School fashions. I remember when I was growing up, my mom would always stand my sister and I by the front door with our backpacks and lunch boxes to take our picture before we walked down to the bus stop. Many people take pictures of their children on their first day of school, and there are so many ideas for unique first day photos online that I wish we had thought of when I was in school! I decided that I would show you a few cute ideas I found as I was searching on Pinterest!

Break out the sidewalk chalk to create this fun backdrop for a creative First Day photo! Write you’re little girl’s grade in cute block letters with chalk and have her lay next to it on the ground and take a picture. For some extra fun, try to coordinate the colors of the chalk to the colors of her cute first day outfit! Just make sure she doesn’t sit in the chalk!

First Day of School Picture

Chalkboard signs are all the rage in photos right now, so why not feel inspired by this trend and use chalkboards in your first day photos! In the photo below, the little girl is holding a printable sign you can order, but a small chalkboard would work just as well! Write your daughter’s name and grade on the chalkboard with the date, her age, and what she wants to be when she grows up! Update the same chalkboard every year and when she’s older, it will make for a fun collection of memories! first day of school picture 3If your child is starting Kindergarten, this idea is absolutely perfect! Buy a large sized tee shirt and decorate the front of the shirt with the year they are going to graduate from High School. Every year, bring out the shirt on the first day of school and have your child put it on for a picture. As they get older, and you take more pictures, you will be able to see the child grow into the shirt from Kindergarten to their Senior year of High School!
first day of school picture 2Have fun getting ready for your little girl’s first day of school and her cute first day of school pictures! Check out LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique on Pinterest for even more fun ideas and fashions!

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