First Day of School Outfit

First Day of School Outfit

It’s the last day of June and what’s on my mind? The first day of school, which is only four weeks away. This is a significant year for my family. My oldest daughter is going to be a senior in high school and my youngest daughter is going to be a kindergartner. I also have two sons, one in high school and one in middle school. This year’s first day of school picture will be my last of all my kids together, because next year my oldest daughter will be away at college. Not to mention, this will be the last first, first day of school for us.

I will have no say in what my senior will wear and my boys will, no doubt, be in khaki shorts and their favorite t-shirt. So, today, I am thinking about what my youngest will wear her first day of school, because I may have some say.

Here are my top choices. First, I picked a ZaZa Couture capri set. The zany colors and patterns will give my daughter’s kindergarten teacher a hint that there is a sassy personality behind that innocent smile. Plus, no kindergartner can resist butterflies.


Next, an outfit by Giggle Moon. The soft colors, lace, and ruffles will highlight my daughter’s sweet side, which might be good idea for the first day of school.


Regardless of my choice, I know you will find the perfect first day of school outfit for your student at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique.

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