Easter Sister Dresses from Biscotti

Easter Sister Dresses from Biscotti

As I look out my window, I see snow, lots of snow. I am very happy to report that Easter is a little less than 5 weeks away, so it has to start looking more like spring soon, right? Even though there is snow outside, we are enjoying a beautiful spring in our showroom full of gorgeous Easter Dresses and new arrivals.

Biscotti has so many beautiful pastel greens, pinks, and whites with coordinating styles in their spring collection, making them a perfect choice for sisters. Each dress has exquisite flower or petal appliques. A brilliant choice for a Easter family portrait. Wish your family and friends a Happy Easter with a card this year. Especially if you are like me and didn’t get around to taking that family picture and sending a Christmas card during the holidays.

There are so many options, even large families are covered. Each of your girls will feel special on Easter Sunday. No matter what her style or favorite color, she will be thrilled.

bicotti easter dressesIf you are like me, one of your girls is a “girlie girl” that only wants to wear pink, these two Biscotti dresses are a great choice for her. This is my youngest daughter, there is no such thing as too pink or to frilly. These layers of ruffle tulle, flower appliques, and pink pearls will definitely meet her “girlie” quota.

bicotti pink

Or, maybe, like my oldest, you have one that doesn’t want to wear pink or wants to look as different as she can from her big sister or little sister. Then these pastel green dresses are a great alternative with just a touch of pink.

biscotti green

Thank you Biscotti for making Easter Dress shopping a lot easier this year. Happy shopping!







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