Easter Hunting with Zaza Couture & Peaches 'N Cream

The most popular event for Easter, hands down, would be the Easter egg hunt. Kids love scrambling all through the yard, searching for eggs before the other kids get to them. It’s equally fun for adults to watch them, whether you’re one of the parents or simply an extended cousin. There’s nothing quite like watching excited children have fun! However, sometimes there can be a wardrobe problem. Of course, it’s adorably cute to watch a little girl run around in her darling tutu dress. However, as is often the case during Spring, Easter could be quite wet and muddy. Now, you want your girl to look as cute and Easter-ish as possible, but you don’t want her to ruin one of her best dresses, do you? The solution is a spring outfit, like one of these three!

This Zaza Couture capri set would be perfect for romping around the yard. The capri cut keeps the pants off the ground, preventing excess mud and grass getting on her outfit. The bold flower print adds the fun and brightness you would want in any Easter outfit.


Another great outfit by Zaza Couture, this set also has the capris that help prevent grime. What’s great, along with the previous outfit, is it is easily washable! This set also carries the bold flower print as the last outfit, however in different colors, also the flower on the bodice adds an adorable and unique touch.zaza-couture-infant-capri-set-1

Still wishing her to look more dressed up? This Peaches ‘N Cream outfit resembles an Easter dress with pants that remind one of bloomers! The light pink pattern and flower, along with the ruffled lace give it that dainty look while still being easily washable.peaches-n-cream-praline-honey-little-girls-outfit-1

Enjoy the Easter egg hunt this year, and don’t cringe while she runs around through grass and who knows what with her tulle dress this year! Have her wear that exquisite dress for church and switch to one of these outfits for the Easter egg hunt!

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