Dresses for Father Daughter Dances

Dresses for Father Daughter Dances

I love Father Daughter Dances! My church is having a Father Daughter Dance to raise money for Destiny Rescue, one of the organizations highlighted in our last blog. My daughter, Reena, is thrilled and counting down the days until she can “dance with daddy.”

Why are Father Daughter Dances so special to me? Because it is a celebration of the relationship between fathers and daughters. This is one of the most important relationships in my daughters’ lives, respectfully 7 and 19 years old. I firmly believe that when a girl is loved, respected, and, yes, treated like a princess by her father she expects all men to treat her that way. That’s what we all want for our daughters.

Reena already has her dress for the evening, an Ooh La La Couture, ready and hanging in her closet. We would love to be part of your special girl’s night too. Here are some picks for your LaBella Flora Cutie. Ooh La La Couture is always a hit on the dance floor, perfect for dancing and twirling. She will be the belle of the ball in black and pink. Is it going to be a little chilly? Add a coordinating bolero.


Another great option, Tutu Du Monde with unique, elegant style. She will be the little lady in red in this gorgeous red tutu dress from Tutu Du Monde. You will have your very own pint sized trend setter on your hands.


If she loves fairytales, far away castles, and princes then your daughter is sure to love these romantic new arrivals from Biscotti. With layers of lace, tulle, and floral appliques your little princess will live out her very own fairytale.


Make sure to visit our shoe page for a designer head-to-toe look. And, please, share a picture of her special night with dad! We love to see our cuties.

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