Today, we live in a social media world. We spend hours online following our friends, family, and celebrities. We are constantly comparing our lives to all those beautiful faces and images presented to us as truth. Not to mention, all the businesses out to grab our attention, trying to get us to click that link to their goods and services. And, yes, LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique is one of those businesses.

Sadly, the images put in front of us by family and friends do not always represent the reality of their life. And don’t even get me started on the photo-shopped images celebrities share with us. Just like friends, family, and celebrities, businesses misrepresent their products. Below is a picture I shared, in a past blog, Tips to Avoid Online Shopping Hazards. I would recommend checking out this blog before you order from an unknown online store.

A couple years ago, my daughter begged me for a dress from an online store promising to make her an exact duplicate of the high-end dress she loved at a bargain price. Fortunately, for us I said no. Unfortunately, for the girl featured in this picture, she took a chance and ordered the dress.

Obviously, this was a fail. The look on her face says it all. LOL

Today, I want to talk about the differences between an online “boutique” and “store” as more and more online children’s clothing stores emerge everyday. Just like the picture of the prom dress, many stores are presenting themselves as a boutique or high-end store when they really are not.

Being a boutique isn’t just a title

A children’s boutique brings you clothing from top designers, like, Mustard Pie, Giggle Moon, Mayoral, Ooh La La Couture, Hannah Banana, and many, many more. These brands employ designers, each piece is well thought-out and original. They produce new collections each season. There is a design process from conception to delivery, a costly process. Quantities produced and availability are limited.

Designer clothing is only sold by stores licensed in their state as retail merchants. Their products are sold at markets where buyers can see samples. Our owner touches and feels the clothing sold at She hand-selects each piece offered online. There are new online stores popping up everyday, selling dresses and entire outfits for under $20.00. These items are mass produced and purchased site-unseen with no ability to verify the quality of construction and fabrics.

Boutique clothing is high quality

Designer boutique clothing is durable and well made. It is chosen for style and quality that is meant to last from one child to the next. Mass produced clothing can be great for a one-time photo shoot, but may not even last the season. We want our LaBella Flora cuties to be able to wear our clothing multiple times and transition from season to season in it. We have looked into some mass produced options, but don’t have the heart to sell a lesser quality product to our customers. We even offer several brands that are designed and made in the United States such as Katie Rose, Giggle Moon, and Five Loaves Two Fish.

It’s all in the details

We have all seen knock-off designs for sale. They look similar to the original, but when you take a closer look the details just don’t make the cut. Last season we partnered with DollBaby to produce our own back-to-school collection. Recently, we were contacted by a representative of a company that offers cheap alternatives to designer pieces, one was very similar to one of our dresses. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. See if you can tell the difference.

Right out the gate the original has more details and layers of ruffles. When you take a closer look you can see that the fabric used is a lesser quality in the knock-off. Dig a little deeper and you see the hem and construction is much better in the original. So the old adage “you get what you pay for” is proven to be true again. There is no denying this dress was “inspired” by our DollBaby Girls Floral Dress.

New Designer Fall Fashion

Great news! We have lots of high quality designs arriving for fall daily and we are putting them online as quickly as possible. Here are just a few new arrivals from this week.

Mustard Pie Fall English Blue Has Arrived

We love Mustard Pie’s English Blue Collection and so do our customers. This collection is selling out quicker that any line in recent years and the availability of the collection is limited. We suggest ordering as soon as possible, because we do not think we will be able to restock your favorite pieces this season. Mustard Pie continues to thrill us year after year with unique details, fabrics, and a touch of vintage style.

Giggle Moon Fall is available for preorder

Giggle Moon in another popular brand with our customers. In addition to being girly and adorable, it is made in the USA. Giggle Moon’s Fall Collections are currently available for preorder. And, like Mustard Pie, it is already a hit with our customers. With a variety of collections for fall, we are confident that you will find a Giggle Moon piece that your special girl will love.

Serendipity grows in popularity

Also available for preorder this week, Serendipity. Serendipity is a newer line at that is quickly growing in popularity among our customers. If you are looking for a moderate price range without sacrificing the style that you love, be sure to take a look at Serendipity clothes. We love this brand, and for great reason! Here is a peak at their fall collections.

Looking for some great summer deals? We have started our Summer Sale. We have great pieces to transition from summer to fall. Mustard Pie Spring is one of our best selling lines this summer, currently 50% off. Mustard Pie Spring is great for back-to-school, when it’s still a little too warm for fall fashions. She will look amazing on her first day of school.

Ready to stock-up on fall fashion at great prices? Then look no further. Our past season fall lines are hugely discounted, it’s a wonderful time to restock her fall wardrobe. No need to skimp on style at these great prices.

At LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique our hand-selected designer clothing is meant to turn heads. We strive to bring high quality clothing right to your doorstep, complete head-to-toe looks. We want to put the fun back in shopping. No need to drive all over town, we are your one-stop fashion shop.

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