An Introduction

So, you may be wondering how this twenty-something dude ended up working at a designer girls boutique. Well, settle in for an exciting tale of intrigue and danger. This is going to be THE CRAZIEST STORY YOU’LL EVER HEAR.

Well, not really, it’s kind of just a regular story. Forgive me for that totally misleading introduction.

I actually grew up, for the most part, near Auburn, IN. I went to school here and, before starting work at LaBella Flora, would still visit the area regularly to see friends and, you know, eat at Applebee’s. I went to college in nearby Fort Wayne, a town with considerably more Applebee’s restaurants.

After finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree, I spent the next two years or so learning a lot about screen printing. I worked in a shop in Champaign, IL and then came back to Fort Wayne to work for a local business designing t-shirts for all different sort of customers. Screen printing is fun and I’ll always have a passion for it. But, you know, sometimes you just have to make a change.

It’s been awesome making the transition to LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve been involved in photography, social media, web design, email newsletter design – stuff I never had the chance to do elsewhere. It’s definitely a challenge for me to create designs that reflect the style of LaBella Flora or designer girls clothing brands, but I love working outside of my comfort zone. And, I’m learning so much because of it.

Plus, everyone here is super nice. So, that helps!


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