All About Livie and Luca

All About Livie and Luca

We know that many of our customers adore the Livie and Luca brand, but we wanted to take a moment to talk about all the benefits found in this brand! They love to take inspiration for their shoes from a child’s playful spirit. This means that you can be sure to find a style that she will adore while the shoes make her feel comfortable and fun. In this blog post we are going to touch on eight (that’s right, eight!) different things that we love about these shoes. Let’s get started!!

DesignThe first on our list is of course, design. The designs that come from this brand of kids shoes are all vastly appealing. These styles create a glint in just about any eye who spots them, while simultaneously reminding you of outfits they would look great with. These designs are often versatile and easy to pair with a wide range of what you might find in your daughter’s closet. I know that my daughter adores choosing which outfit she wants to wear with her Livie and Luca’s each day! These designs include whimsical characters and are sure to delight!

Something for Moms

Moms, we know that you put a lot of thought and care into what Safe-and-Sustainablebrands you support and what products you buy for your children. We want to assure you that Livie and Luca is a continued choice that will never disappoint. They pride themselves on being safe and sustainable. No need to arm the earth while creating fabulous fashion, right? The company can boast of being CPSIA certified while also producing every design with lead-free leather and textiles. Our third benefit is another one I know all moms will love. These shoes are easy Washableto clean and care for! Do not fret about letting your child run and play, these shoes will support them and be easy to clean up and pass on to the next child. I really cannot overstate how much value is packed into every pair of their shoes!

Now that we’ve made mom happy, lets keep up with this roll we’re on!Easy-on-and-off The remaining five benefits will be felt directly by the child every time they put their feet into the shoes (and are also loved by moms). In fact, they will notice it right as they begin the process of getting their shoes on. That’s right, number four is the easy on and off. Wiggle-RoomMany of these shoes have simple straps that little hands can handle all their own (we know that they love their independence!). The last four benefits are ones that are very dear to my heart. These all promote healthy foot growth (what could be more important in a child’sLightweight shoe?). The flexible shoes allow a wide range of motion, keeping up with her every whim. She will be completely comfortable with the padded sole and the extra wiggle room that allows her toes to have their space (mom, this also means that they can wear them longer!). With lightweight and breathable shoesBreatheable that are comfortable for your child, what more could you want? The weight of a shoe impacts new walkers and active kids. And the breathable. genuine leather is antimicrobial.

If you haven’t purchased a pair of Live and Luca girls shoes, we highly encourage trying out this designer. If you need a different size or are unhappy with the product, we always accept returns within 14 business days. Our customer care representatives will be happy to help pair the shoes with an outfit or give you precise measurements to make sure your order is right. We are here to help make every moment of her childhood extra special!

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