What to Pack in Your Daughter's Suitcase for Spring Break

What to Pack in Your Daughter's Suitcase for Spring Break

Last week’s blog, Best Spring Break Destinations in the U.S. for Families, highlighted Orlando, Washington D.C., and Sanibel, Florida as great places to land this spring break. Now that we have figured out where to go…we need to figure out what to pack for your special girl.

What’s the first thing I pack for all my kids when heading to spring break? Sunblock. Typically, I just run to Walmart in Indiana, not Florida, and grab some sunblock! Notice I said not Florida. I have learned over the years that sunblock is a lot more expensive in Florida. Much higher demand in Florida than cold Indiana.

So I thought I would jump online and do a quick search for the best sunblock for my kiddos big and small. Quick? Not so much. Who knew there were so many things to consider and debate when purchasing sunblock? Don’t get me wrong, I think sunblock is important. My dad and sister-in-law have both had melanoma. If my family is in the sun, they are in the sun with sunblock on. What I didn’t realize is the differing opinions. I had narrowed it down to what blogger and researchers had determined the best sunblocks and then, immediately, read a blog that said 2 of my top three were on the “bad” list. So I am only going to share one sunblock suggestion.

Everyone agrees that Babytime by Episencial Sunblock is a great option. It is not cheap, costing $10.25 for 2.7 FL OZ on Amazon.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a suggestion of 19 toxic free sunblocks from 2017 and will soon come out with their list for 2018.

Even though there is a lot of disagreement on which sunblock to buy, there are some great tips out there on how to use sunblock appropriately and what to watch out for when you are purchasing sunblock. Here are some great suggestions.

1. Don’t us SPF over 50+. It isn’t beneficial and the higher the SPF, the more chemicals your kids are exposed to when they are wearing it.

2. Apply sunblock every 2 hours. Reapply every time you swim and towel off. Just because a sunblock is waterproof, it doesn’t mean it will protect your kiddo all day in the water.

3. Avoid sunblock with Vitamin A listed as an ingredient – Retinyl Palmitate and Retinols.

4. Buy good sunblock, this probably isn’t the best time to buy discounted brands or products.

5. Do not buy spray sunblock. This is a bummer for me. It may be more convenient, but it doesn’t cover skin as thoroughly as cream.

6. Babies shouldn’t be in the sun…so no sunblock. No sun!

Next, getting that suitcase ready.


The number one family destination for spring break is Orlando…the home of Walt Disney World. If you are hitting the parks in Orlando, your special girl is going to need comfy clothes.

According to AccuWeather in Orlando, FL, the average temperatures at the end of March and beginning of April are a high of 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit and low of 58-62 degrees Fahrenheit. Now if you live in Indiana, this is shorts weather. If you live in the south, this is still pretty cold. Here are some adorable options for a Disney Vacation.

Orlando Vacation

Flowers by Zoe has some trendy options for spring break, including these tie dye pink pieces. Layer them in the morning and evening for cooler temps. Even if it’s a little cool over spring break, there will still be swimming in all those heated pools. We have several new swimsuits with coordinating cover ups to keep her warm outside of the pool.

If you have a dinner with a princess(es) booked or plan on waiting in line for an autograph session with her favorite Disney Princess, then Ooh La La has some great princess dresses available this spring. Their dresses are both charming and comfy. They are a great choice for greeting princesses and riding rides.

If you plan on arriving at the park early in the morning or staying late, you will want to make sure you have some warm options. Check out our sale pages for end of season clearance prices. Baby Sara’s Boho Dress with embroidery is on sale for only $35.00. Layer it with a great denim jacket and leggings for extra chilly nights.


Washington D.C.

With so much to do in Washington D.C., it is a great destination for your family for spring break. As I had mentioned in last week’s blog, you are going to walk a lot. I mean a lot…We registered 10 miles in one day. So just like you, your kiddo needs a comfy pair of walking shoes. Fortunately, there are lots of walking shoes out there to keep her feet comfy as she walks through museums and the National Mall. Keen and Sketcher have practical and stylish new arrivals.


March and April temperatures in D.C. are definitely not beach weather, the average high is 57- 66 degrees Fahrenheit and low is 38-47 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to comfy shoes, a coat will be a must. Clothes that can be layered for warmth will help her pick the best outfit for each day, depending on the forecast.

washington dc

As stated previously, Flowers by Zoe has some outstanding vacation wear this season. This star studded sweatshirt and hoodie are just a few of their Americana pieces that will keep her warm and cozy in our nation’s capital. Pair them with Flowers By Zoe leggings or our Edgy Detail Jeans now on sale for only $28.50. It’s also a great time to load-up on Jak & Peppar’s fall collection, currently 50% off.

As featured in our recent blog, Translating Spring Fashion Trends from the Runway to Girls Fashion, denim is a HOT fashion trend for spring. Denim is a great way to transition from winter to spring. It can easily be layered and, like PPLA’s latest denim skirt, it can be paired with a sweater and boots or a trendy boho top from Dex and flip flops. Pink Chicken has some great denim items from last season…all 50% off.

Sanibel, Florida

Headed to the beach? Last week we suggested Sanibel, FL as a “best” destination. From March – April, the average high is 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit and low is 61-63 degrees Fahrenheit in Sanibel, Florida. I think we can all agree this is glorious weather! A great temperature to enjoy sandy beachs, pool side fun, and shelling.

florida wear

If your family is like mine, our days are spent strolling on the beach, playing by the ocean, and relaxing in or by the pool. After which, we all clean up and head to a nice restaurant for supper, followed by some light shopping. Our evening sometimes entails family poker ran by grandma and grandpa or maybe a movie. It’s all about relaxing and eating. LOL

So my daughter’s clothing needs are swim, casual wear, and cute outfits and dresses for family dinners. Playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean and over-chlorinated pools are brutal on bathing suits, so ours never last more than one season. I will typically buy several swimsuits each season. Different styles are needed depending on the activities each day. Sometimes a girl needs a one-piece and sometimes she needs a cute bikini.

We have new swimwear arriving daily at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique. We have variety of designer suits for girls, something for every body type. Don’t worry about it not fitting, if you order one and it doesn’t fit, return it within 14 days of receipt for a full refund.

Mustard Pie and Haute Baby have some darling options for family meals, portraits on the beach, and any type of vacation celebration. She will be comfy and delightful all in one.

If you have a tween, she will love Truly Me and Hannah Banana’s spring collections. We are seeings lots of cut-out shoulders, floral prints, and ruffles – all on trend this spring.

Make sure you check out LaBellaFlora.com for all your special girl’s clothing needs. We have new arrivals coming in daily. Don’t forget about our preorders, for just 25% down you can reserve our most popular lines and guarantee her size won’t be sold out.

Bring on spring!




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