Unique Baby Gifts for Little Girls

Unique Baby Gifts for Little Girls

So you’ve got the toys all figured out, but you still want to try to find an adorable festive outfit to go with all the other goodies, what do you choose? On our Unique Baby Gifts page we have quite a few different options for fun accessories and gifts that will fit her designer style, and will help you be the lucky one that she can’t wait to receive a gift from!

Here are 3 different categories that will help you pick out the perfect unique gift.


  1. A Festive Accessory

These adorable bonnets from Le’ Za Me are the perfect mix of modern and classic. With their fun damask and floral patterns giving them a unique take on holiday colors, something like this would be perfect for that new little one in your life.

keep it gypsy

2. A Unique Backpack or Diaper Bag

Keep It Gypsy really brings the wow factor when it comes to their bags! Made with incredible quality fabrics and notions, these designer baby bags will really be a hit. Mom can use them as a diaper bag for baby or there are even smaller sized backpacks for a toddler to take to preschool! With so many colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about having the same bag as someone else.


3. If All Else Fails, An Adorable Outfit!

Just because it’s the holidays, it’s always acceptable to get her another adorable outfit. This head to toe look from Lemon Loves Lime is the perfect addition to her Layette. The little sweater and hat could be a set in itself, let alone the adorable different colored rompers and gowns that we have available to go underneath!

Hopefully we’ve helped you out a bit when trying to figure out what to get for the sweet little cutie in your life. Which is your favorite?

xoxo Cassidy

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