Summer Days

The weather is turning warm and the sun seems to be awake longer than usual this can only mean one thing, after so many false starts, the summer is finally upon us. We can officially put away our warm winter sweaters and coats to make room for our tank tops, shorts, and swim suits. This is truly an occasion for celebration! While, unlike many of you I am sure, I will miss this cooler days, I know that the summer season is a much needed break. Kids get a small break from school days while the parents get an excuse to make long lasting memories and to take the kids off for an adventure.

I still remember our family trips when I was younger, and I cannot wait to make the same long lasting impressions for my kids one day. One of my favorite places to go during the summer time was on trips with my grandmother, cousins, my grandmother’s best friend, and her grandchildren too. Every summer we would all pile into the large van and travel off to a zoo for the day. I kind of miss these days and every summer I am reminded of all the grand times we had together. From goofy off on the car ride to getting a VIP experience with several of the animals. Its hard to believe that those days have been gone for so long, but I know that its never really that far away because all of the days spent in a zoo or in that van are just a short nostalgic trip away.

How are you making this summer count? Any grand vacation plans or small little surprises?

Just remember that, even though things are hectic right now, you may never get the same opportunities to spend this kind of time with your kids. And you know we will be right there with you, helping to keep the style fresh all summer long!


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