Spring Time Brings in the New

Things have been a whirlwind up until Easter weekend here at LaBella, it’s hard to believe how much we have truly gotten done in such a small amount of time. Along with the boxes and boxes of new product to be put online, this spring brought in another kind of new as well, new co-workers! Three lovely people have joined our family and we are absolutely thrilled! Michelle has joined our office team and has already proved herself as a wonderful customer service pro! She will happily answer any of your questions or emails and will make sure that you have had a great experience shopping with us. Courtney recently joined our shipping department, pulling and packing up all of your orders! Her keen eyes inspect each piece for quality before she neatly folds and wraps them in our polka dot cello. Finally, the third new member at LaBella is Matt. Bravely jumping in with the women, Matt is our graphics master, making sure every new item is portrayed the way it looks in your hands.

It is almost like a breath of fresh air having three new people brought in and I am excited to get to know them better as our new arrivals die down for the summer, although I will miss having so many gorgeous new pieces come across my desk. It is a hard choice, but I believe my favorite item of the season comes from the one and only Persnickety Clothing. After all the dust has settled, a clear winner stands above the best, Persnickety’s Coral Top and Jaycie Skirt set. This gorgeous outfit is going to take the summer by storm with the back ruffled skirt and the type writer appliqué top. Our inventory will certainly not last long on this gem! Take a look at the photo below and let me know if its your favorite as well!


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