Reena's Top 5 Picks for Easter

Everyone, meet Reena.


Reena, adopted from China, is 5 years old “going on 17” as her mother fondly said. She is the daughter of our associates here at LaBella Flora and quite the little fashionista. If it were up to her, she’d wear a dress every single day, rain or shine.

When asked to pick out her five favorite dresses for today’s blog she responded “I get 5 dresses?” Her mother had to explain that she only got to choose which were her favorites, and she would get one of them. And maybe, just maybe she could get another. Reena immediately began negotiating for all five.

After picking her favorites, Reena’s next question was “how many sleeps until I can take pictures?” Luckily, she only had to wait two sleeps before we could take her pictures, and here are the results and her top 5 favorite dresses:

1) Susanne Lively’s Fuchsia Petal Party Dress Reena liked this one because it looks like a flower. And it does, doesn’t it? It would be absolutely perfect for a party or any other special event she might go to. When she first put this dress on, she exclaimed, “This is fantastic!” With the dress, Reena wore some Coastal Projection’s hot pink girls sequin shoes with a bow, adding just the right touch to complete the outfit.


2) Susanne Lively’s Girls Fancy Dress Pink and Green Petals Basically, she likes both these dresses the most, again, they both look like flowers. However, between the two, she liked the fuchsia one best because it was brighter.


3) Halabaloo’s Neon Rainbow Dress for Girls Needless to say, Reena likes her dresses bright! Her mother also commented that this particular dress would look great on Reena during the summer when she gets some sun. Reena gets quite dark, and those colors would definitely pop with her skin tone.


4) Halabaloo’s Girls Polka Dot Dress in Pink Polka Dots are always a good idea in any little girls book. Especially pink ones. Reena is no different and polka dots are a plus for a dress.


5) Little Mass’s Girls Easter Dress with Daisies Last but not least, this dress is the final pick. Reena loves anything that sparkles, and this dress certainly sparkles! The tulle is also a plus.


Reena is such a fun little sweet pea, and we’re hoping we can bring her in again to see what her next 5 picks will be! Her poor mother will probably have to keep explaining to Reena that she doesn’t get to keep the dresses, then give in and buy her some because she’s just too cute in them! 😉 What do you think of Reena’s picks?

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