Reena Goes To Kindergarten: Back to School Night

Reena Goes To Kindergarten: Back to School Night

About once a month, we like to share what’s going on in Reena’s life. Like most 5 year olds, she has a big day in her future, the first day of kindergarten. Our fist day of school is Monday. Reena is excited and little nervous.

What better way to get over those nerves than a dry run? Reena’s elementary school hosts a Kindergarten Back to School Night so kiddos can meet their teacher and do a quick run through. I honestly think this night is more for mom and dad. I know I felt better at the end of the evening.

There were 5 steps in getting ready for Back to School Night.

Step 1…Paperwork and Supplies

This week we registered Reena, grandma got her school supplies, and mom picked out a cute outfit for Reena to wear during her lunch break (a nice benefit of working at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique). Reena also asked everyday, how many sleeps until I get to go to kindergarten?

Step 2…Get to School

We quickly fed Reena princess chicken noodle soup and apologetically told our older kids they were on their own for supper. Dad gathered school supplies while mom washed chocolate off Reena’s face from grandma’s house and ran a brush through Reena’s hair. Mom decided a pony tail was the only option after a day of playing outside with her cousin.

Reena was ready to meet her “new best friends” and her teacher. You can tell she was excited about sporting her Mae Li Rose back to school outfit.

photo 2 (1)

Step 3…Learn How to Use the Cafeteria

Our first stop at back to school night was the cafeteria. Reena went through the lunch line, grabbed some milk and a cookie, and then headed to a table to enjoy a snack while a very nice lunch lady explained lunch room rules. Reena asked my husband to open her milk carton, sadly, he told her she need to open it herself, because he wouldn’t be there at lunchtime. It wasn’t pretty but she got it open.

Step 4…Visit Reena’s Classroom

Finally, Reena met her teacher. I could tell by Reena’s face that she was pleased. Reena loves long, pretty hair and her teacher has beautiful long, curly hair. Not a requirement for mom, but for a little girl that loves princesses, I could tell she was pleased. After putting her school supplies away and checking out her seat at her table, she made a very exciting discovery. She has a locker, with her name on it.

photo (17)

Step 5… Ride A Bus

I think I am safe to say, that this was the favorite part of all the kindergartners evening. This was Reena’s first time on a bus. The bus driver told the kids about the bus. Reena heard about every other word because she was too busy bouncing up and down in her seat. Luckily she will be riding with her older cousin the first day.

photo 1 (1)

Step 5…Ice Cream

In celebration of starting kindergarten, we stopped for an ice cream cone on our way home. Followed by a big hug from mom and a “I can’t believe my baby girl is going to kindergarten.” Even though she is a big girl now, Reena still loves to be called my “baby girl”. I will enjoy that as long as I can.


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