Persnickety Clothing Mix and Match

I am a sets person, I must admit I like to buy my clothing as well as my childrens clothing as a set. As my children grew I would find sometimes a piece or two would still fit from the previous season. Often, I would purchase another top or pant to pair with the item and all was good.

I am a huge fan of Persnickety clothing , I know how hard it is to part with my childrens clothing when they have outgrown a special piece, so I can only imagine how hard it is to part with your Persnickety clothing (my youngest daughter is 15, sadly no Pernickety clothing in my house). Therefore, I decided to shop for a new piece of Persnickety clothing to go with an “old” piece of Persnickety clothing. While we only have a few items left from fall 2011, I was able to make this adorable little girls outfit using the Ivory Peasant Tunic top from the fall line and the Persnickety Olivia Pedal Pushers from spring 2012. Now for accessories, I added the adorable green scalloped belt and VIOLA, one very cute , little girls outfit. I am not completely sold on the two shoe options I show in the photo, but I do like the way the silver looks with the pretty blue fabric in the ruffled hem. I would love to see how you or your little darling has mixed and matched her little girls boutique clothing to make new outfits.

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