Mustard Pie PreOrders!

Always filled with great cheer and style, the Mustard Pie brand does not let us down! This coming spring 2014 season is no different from the fabulous seasons in the past. The first delivery, including a Special Edition Easter collection, is now online and available for PreOrder! The first delivery is filled with light colors and refreshing patterns. Throughout the collection you will find lilacs, light blues, and glorious pinks!

Below is just a small taste of a few of our personal favorites from the Spring 2014 PreOrders, but be sure to check out the designer girls preorder page to see all that is available and select favorites of your own!

This fabulous Mustard Pie dress is sure to be one of the top seller’s this year! The light blue dress features the trendy damask print in a spring color to match the ruffled skirt. The waistline ties in the back to allow shape.

Mustard Pie PreOrder ONE

From the Limited Edition collection, this Easter dress is sure to look lovely in pictures and in person! The unique dress is designed with some vintage inspiration while a touch of sweet lace creates a yoke on the bodice. The butterfly print flutters about the collection and boasts of its sweet rose pink.

Mustard Pie PreOrder FOUR

If you are looking to set up your family portraits, don’t forget to buy for yourself! This collection offers a women’s dress so that mother and daughter look like two peas in a pod! The lacey bodice is complimented by the wide, elegant neckline while the sash that ties around the waist is perfect for a small embellishment! The skirt boasts of the same free spirit pattern we find in the dress above!

Mustard Pie PreOrder THREE

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