Life’s Precious Moments

Lately, it seems I’ve been witness to a lot of life’s precious moments, whether it was in person or through social media. I love that we can use this medium to stay connected and up to date on those we love and care about. Several friends have welcomed precious children into their lives, some through birth and others through the blessing of adoption. My cousin and a good friend both welcomed their first grandchild recently. I can see their beaming faces in my mind’s eye as I write this. They loved those little ones at first sight as much as they loved their own babies. I’ve seen many young couples commit their lives to each other through marriage this past year. Family trips can give us precious moments as we put aside all the cares that keep us so busy and just focus on each other. Something so simple as gathering around the dinner table on a regular basis can also create lasting memories in a child’s mind. All of these precious moments, whether big or small, are what make life grand.

My cousin recently sent me some pictures of precious moments in my own life. A picture of my mom and dad’s wedding, where his mom was a bridesmaid was a special one. While I wasn’t there to witness this event, it certainly had a profound impact on my life. He also sent me the picture below of a fishing trip I was on with my grandpa and my brothers. While I don’t remember this day specifically since I was so small and all I probably caught were a few ant bites, I do remember the warm feeling I have when I think of my grandpa and spending time with family. I want to pass that feeling along to my children and my future grandchildren.



Precious moments sometimes come when we least expect them, such as the first step, the first word, the first time they tell you they love you. These don’t happen on a grand scale, but they are precious all the same.

At LaBella Flora, our goal is to help make your precious moments more special by providing the perfect attire for your special occasion. Whether it’s the first outfit your precious baby girl wears home from the hospital, her christening gown, the dress she wears to her first father/daughter dance, her first flower girl dress, a special Easter dress, the perfect outfit for her first day of school, her first pageant dress, or the dress she wears for her first junior high dance, we have those things in mind when we select each of our quality pieces.

So, don’t forget to look for the precious moments happening around you each and every day. We’d love to help you celebrate them at LaBella Flora!



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