Lemon Loves Lime - Pieces You Don't Want to Miss

Every season one of the brightest brands we receive in is always Lemon Loves Lime. This darling little brand is filled with bright colors and cute characters. If you have ever purchased Lemon Loves Lime clothing, than you know how much detail they put into all of their garments.

lemon loves lime ice skate

Every character is embellished with a close attention to detail. This love and care results in a one of a kind piece. Her garnishing details all are handmade, this includes the crochet neckline, cuffs, and skirt hem and her braided hair made from yarn. Her bright green eyes are hand stitched and the cute tulle bow finishes off her lovely look.

Characters aren’t the only thing Lemon Loves Lime is known for!

lemon loves lime artist dress

Lemon Loves Lime adores to mix brilliant colors together to create a look all its own. This fun and lively artist dress is filled with crochet details, and darling ruffles. How can you not fall in love with something as adorable as this! The Artist dress is perfect for your little daydreamer as she learns at school or runs and plays on the playground. Imagine all of the fun accessories that would go great with this outfit!

The final part of our Lemon Loves Lime shipment for this fall was filled with adorable little infant outfits! Pieces like those photographed below.

lemon loves lime infant

All of these pieces are perfect for your newly arrived princess. The boutique newborn gown makes such a great impression in photographs and is sure to compliment her simple beauty.

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