Girls Boutique Clothing Sizes - How to Get it Right

Girls Boutique Clothing Sizes - How to Get it Right

It’s pretty much general knowledge that girls boutique clothing runs small for the most part. But how small? Which brands run true to size? How do I know these things without talking to someone in person? Well if you decide not to call our customer service department (please do if you have any questions!) we figured we could do a series on which brands run differently, and how you can plan accordingly.

Our major brands we will be covering in this series:

  • Persnickety Clothing Company
  • Mustard Pie Clothing
  • Giggle Moon Baby
  • Jak & Peppar
  • Flowers By Zoe
  • Ooh La La Couture
  • Girls Designer Swimwear

Some of our brands have custom size charts that we have available on the website. For example, Persnickety Clothing.


Click on the size chart tab by the “You May Like” and/or “Description” areas and you’ll see this:size-chart-2Voila! A custom size chart for Persnickety’s items. We do carry a lot of brands, and while they are all special to us, we have only received specific size charts from certain brands. Those brands would be Persnickety, Jak & Peppar, and we have a specific size chart for shoes. We have a generic size chart which we have found works well with many other brands, which is also available on all of the other item pages.

Stay tuned for more examples of sizing, we will also be including our little models and showing how specific brands of the same size fit on different sized girls of the same age. Any other questions? Specific things you think we should cover? Comment below and let us know! We love suggestions from our customers!

xoxo Cassidy

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