Giggle Moon Sea of Glass

Giggle Moon Clothing: Beautiful Quality That Must be Adored


Absolutely astounding, the Giggle Moon Clothing collections from this fall and winter season bring life to our imagination. Each collection brings its own unique style whether it may be a soft blue, bold red or a twist on the traditional holiday palette. While the style is something to be adored, it is not the only reason so many moms and daughters look for special Giggle Moon Clothing each season. The secret behind having so many loyal fans lies in the quality and comfort that each piece affords. High cotton blend with a dash of stretch equals lasting outfits for your little girl that she will want to wear from morning to night. What more could we ask for then our child’s ultimate comfort and a timeless style that is sure to be envied anywhere she goes!?

On top of all of these merits, there is one thing that makes buyers proud; these Giggle Moon garments are made here in the United States. Today’s marketplace has changed. There is a movement calling for more buyer awareness. You see this in the trend to look for healthier food options, the trend of name brands altering their ingredients to reflect the demand and the trend to shop local. It is truly satisfying to look at the tag and know that you purchased top style and top quality all while keeping it domestic.

Easy coordination of Giggle Moon outfits makes planning holiday photos or special events a breeze! Individual styles offer size ranges as wide as infant to girls size 8 while matching styles are almost always available in newborn and infant sizes. Planning an extended family portrait? Look no further than Giggle Moon. All of the little girl cousins can pick out their favorite style in their size and still look perfect when the families meet for the shoot.

Giggle Moon Sea of Glass
A beautiful Giggle Moon outfit from the Sea of Glass collection.

Let’s take a brief moment to speak specifically about a few collections that make perfect looks for these cool months. The Giggle Moon Sea of Glass collection boasts of a winter feel without the traditional holiday colors. This collection brings a vintage sea green brightened up with lively yellows and pinks. A fun, golden ochre brown is found on several of the designs, tipping its hat to the fall season. Scrolling floral prints are the star of the show while ruffles of lace are a delightful detail. The Giggle Moon Pure Gold collection strikes a different feel while filled with rich fall tones. You can almost hear the variety of birds chirping out from the toile print that sits center stage. The blend of prints found in the different fabrics is unique and true to standard Giggle Moon flare.

If you are not in a rush for your dresses and outfits, be sure to check out our Giggle Moon Sale that starts mid to late December. All remaining inventory from your favorite fall and winter 2016 collections will begin to be marked down to make way for spring and summer 2017. This is the perfect chance to take advantage of great prices on quality and top style outfits for your darling girl.

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