Four Years Later...Still A Little Fashion Diva. Her Top 5 Fashion Picks For Girls This Spring.

Four Years Later...Still A Little Fashion Diva. Her Top 5 Fashion Picks For Girls This Spring.

So this week a blog posted about my daughter, Reena, from four years ago popped up in my Facebook feed. Oh my heart. She was only 5 when she was first featured in one of our blogs, now she’s 9. It instantly took me back to how excited she was to do the blog. She loved picking out her favorite dresses. She loved everything about clothes. Guess what? Nothing has changed. She is still, and I fear will always be, a fashion diva.

When your mom works for LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique, you have a very strong opinion about clothes. And you get to be the fit model often, which usually results in our owner sending you home with your favorite dress in hand. Not a bad life for a nine-year-old. Right?

Here’s a quote from our original blog.

If it were up to her (Reena), she’d wear a dress every single day, rain or shine.

Again, nothing has changed. Given the option, Reena would dress for the runway every day, she loves beautiful clothes. Our biggest mother/daughter battle…what she is going to wear. I have actually threatened to fill her closet with khakis and white t-shirts so there is nothing to argue about. I don’t think she believes me. I have to be honest, Reena is a dream and the only push-back she gives me is about clothes. Keep in mind she’s only nine, I will enjoy this stage…I know what is coming.

So I thought it would be fun to let Reena pick out some of her favorites for spring and summer, again, four years later. It gives us insight to the thought process of a mini fashionista. Some of her reasoning is a little random, but some is very practical. And make no mistake, she picked these clothes. There is no way she can be influenced.

Pick #1

Reena recently modeled this floral dress from Five Loaves Two Fish. Why was this her top pick? The flowers of course. After a long winter here in Indiana, Reena can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming in our yard. According to her, this dress just feels like spring. I would agree. She also enjoyed taking this dress for a spin, the cut of this dress makes it perfect for twirling. This dress has a summer cut and the length is a little shorter than average, so I would suggest putting a pair of “bootie shorts” under it. For us that is not a problem, because we have lots for dance. Reena is a squirmer, so she wears dance shorts under most of her dresses. Especially, when she is wearing a dress to school. Here is link to to reasonable priced dance shorts to put under summer dresses. Shop now.

Pick #2

Reena loves Joyfolie, she loves how flowy their dresses are. In addition, she is very fond of cold shoulders. Every time she wears a dress with cut out shoulders she knows her dad is going to tease her about her shoulders showing, which delights Reena. She also loves the big ruffle that starts in the front and goes all around the top of the dress and ends at the waist. The small floral pattern and the floral trim at the bottom made this dress stand out to Reena. According to Reena, it is a dress that I can wear all summer. I can wear it to church and for fun.

Pick #3

Reena and her friends love rompers and can’t wait for warmer weather so they can wear them. In fact, Reena bought this romper from Mayoral for her friend Reese for her birthday recently. It was a hit with Reese and her friends. Reese’s immediate response, mom it’s like a romper. I love rompers. Reena’s response, Reese, it is a romper. Oh Reena…I think she feels like she is a fashion consultant because of my job and fit modeling.

Reena loves the sporty feel of this romper and it’s nod to her love of music. Not to mention how incredibly comfy it is. It hit the mark for Reena – trendy and comfy. Who doesn’t love this combo? I know I do. I think she felt like a little rock star when she modeled this romper for us.

Reena’s favorite line for tweens is Flowers by Zoe. She loves their graphics and fabrics and can always find something she must have in their line. This season Flowers by Zoe has several rompers for summer, this is Reena’s fav, because the watermelon print just makes me think of summer, picnics, and sunshine. I want sunshine. Me too Miss Reena, bring on summer fun and picnics in the backyard!

Pick #4

Reena has been hounding me about getting a new swimsuit for summer, because summer is just around the corner. I keep telling myself summer is just around the corner. It is currently 32 degrees as I am writing this blog. Oh how I wish I was still in Florida on spring break. 🙁

Usually Reena picks a bright pink or blue swimsuit covered in fringe or sparkles. This year she picked this suit with a sweet galaxy print covered in starbursts and crescent moons. Last week she brought home a form to order a picture she drew on mugs, aprons, etc. Her design was a half moon/sun face with stars, moons, and planets in the background. She is going to be thrilled this fall, because the galaxy theme will be a popular trend. We will be unveiling some out of this world fashions. Reena has already given them her stamp of approval and put in her request for purchase.

Pick #5

Last but not least, this is the last purchase I made for Reena per her request. Reena is obsessed with cardigans. She loves layering – it’s on trend and practical. Some days she is hot at school other days she is cool. After modeling this Mayoral lace cardigan, she had to have it. I bought it for her as a reward for her grade card. It is her go-to right now. I love the versatility of this cardigan. Not only is it adorable, with the intricate lace details, it is so practical. She wore her cardigan with her Easter dress and has worn it with a t-shirt and jeans, it is the perfect topper for fancy or casual digs. I bought this cardigan for her right before Easter and wanted to save it for Easter, I literally had to hide it in my closet so she wouldn’t sneak it to school in her backpack. Yes, she would do that.

We have so many great options for your special girl for spring and summer. We are passionate about finding unique, well-made pieces. Fashion is fun…it’s a great way for girls to express themselves. I know I had fun sitting down with Reena to write this blog. Happy Spring!

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