Flowers By Zoe

A trendy brand that is one of the most popular tween designers here at LaBella Flora, Flowers By Zoe, never disappoints the young fashionista. Their designs take the best of the newest trends and make them their own. This month’s delivery is filled with bright colors and a warm smiley face.

The light weight fabric is perfect for layering while the blend of colors even rival the sun. Sweet leggings with tunics or a new skirt and top, whatever she is looking for in her spring and summer closet, several of the pieces from Flowers By Zoe are sure to make the list.

The special occasion dresses that have also just arrived are filled with sparkling sequins, and hip styles. One of the most seen designs for tween dresses is the elegant blouson bodice with a fitted skirt. Many of these dresses have airy chiffon on top that gracefully drapes to the gathers at the waistline.

Do not miss out on all of these fabulous designs like this fancy girls dress in a rich, summer navy! This creation is unlike any other piece that may be released this season, a true star!


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