Flowers By Zoe

It’s no secret that we love to dote on our daughters, but we sign up for a real challenge when they reach the tween ages. It can be difficult to find great quality clothing with style our tweens can’t wait to show off. Here at LaBella Flora we take pride in our boutique brands that provide fabulous tween dresses and trendy every day outfits. Whatever her style might be, these designers will inspire her individuality.

Flowers By Zoe is one of the tween brands that we cannot keep on our shelves for long. Flowers By Zoe mixes amazing styles to create trends that no one else can touch. Their new fall collections arrive in monthly shipments and are filled with pieces to create unique tween outfits for school. They even create fabulous tween party dresses that will make all others seem drab.

By purchasing Flowers By Zoe, you are handing your daughter a style that encourages confidence and helps flourish her creativity. All of the pieces from each collection blend together perfectly, making it simple to put together a new look every time. The outfit below is created with a great hi-low tank and a fitted mini skirt.


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