Family Fun, Family Recipes, and Adorable Outfits for Memorial Day Weekend. AND the Reason We Celebrate the Day!

Family Fun, Family Recipes, and Adorable Outfits for Memorial Day Weekend. AND the Reason We Celebrate the Day!

With Memorial Day just around the corner I thought I would share some fun ways to celebrate as a family, a couple cookout must haves from my family, and, of course, adorable patriotic outfits for your little star.

First and foremost, this Memorial Day, I think we need to be prepared to talk to our kids about why we celebrate Memorial Day. Let them know that, yes, it is a great day to spend with family, but it is a day that has much more meaning than backyard barbecues. It is a day to honor those have made the greatest sacrifice so we can have our freedom.

What is Memorial Day?

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have lost their lives while serving our nation. It was originally called Decoration Day, because groups would clean-up and decorate the graves of soldiers from the Civil War with flowers, both confederate and union. It is thought to be in May, because that is when most flowers blossom. If you are interested in learning more about Memorial Day, here is a link to a great blog at

Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with your family

We should all take time out from our Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate its true meaning. Below are some suggestions of ways we can celebrate the day as a family.

  • Talk about honor and respect
  • Visit a War Memorial in your community
  • Find a local military parade or service
  • Recognize a local military hero
  • Do a craft together
  • Do something for a soldier
  • Take cookies or treats to a Veterans Hospital

I live in a small town and I didn’t even realize until a couple years ago that we have a Military Memorial in our town. My husband included it in a scavenger hunt that he put together for our kids. We also have a parade on Memorial Day, which I am going to suggest to my family we attend.

Fun crafts for the whole family

How about some fun crafts everyone can do together? In Indiana it is FINALLY nice enough crafting can be done outside. I really love the idea of painting rocks in patriotic patterns. These rocks can be used in the landscape or on porches all summer long, especially on the 4th of July. They can also be left on the headstone of a family member who served in the military. My grandfather would have loved to know his great-grand children visited his grave and left a rock they created to honor him.

Gather up the kids and create some fireworks with their hand prints. Then hang them up for your own fireworks display. The kids will love it and moms will have a memento for years to come.

Good Food = Good Times

Best Ever Grilled chicken

I am going to share the best grilled chicken recipe that I have ever tried. It is our go-to and it may seem too simple, but it works. Sometimes when I share it people turn up their noses, but I am telling you…your chicken will always be moist and great tasting. This recipe will never let you down. So here it is. All you need are chicken breasts and ranch dressing. I like to tenderize the chicken before I marinade it.

  1. Tenderize your chicken breasts.
  2. Marinade it in ranch dressing. I like to use Hidden Valley, but any ranch dressing will do. This should be done for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight.
  3. Grill the chicken. Don’t over grill.

I have to give my husband kudos, he is the best griller. He takes it off the grill at just the right moment. No pink and not dry. The ranch dressing is cooked off and you don’t taste it…it tenderizes the chicken and keeps the moisture in.

Best Ever Corn Casserole

We can’t have a family get together without corn casserole. My boys love this recipe. One batch covers my family. If I am having my family and brother’s family over I double it. If I am having a cookout I triple the recipe (I use large foil pan when doing this). The key to this recipe is that you don’t want it be too deep in the baking dish, because it will take forever to cook. Make sure you use a larger pan when doubling or tripling the recipe.


1 can whole kernel corn

1 can cream-style sweet corn

1 egg

1 8 oz sour cream

1 stick of butter (melted)

1 8 oz box of corn muffin mix

Salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients together, pour into a greased 8 inch baking dish or pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. If doubling or tripling make sure to allow for longer baking time. Bake until the middle is firm and edges are golden. I often bake this a little early to make sure it has plenty of time to bake and just shut the oven off when it is finished to keep it warm while wrapping up all my other dishes.

Patriotic Cuteness can definitely add some patriotic cuteness to your Memorial Day Celebration. Hooray for the reds, whites, and blues. Your little firecracker will be the perfect spark at your family celebration. If you are looking for a dress that will pop then look no further. She will look adorable in this patriotic dress from Ooh La La Couture. She will stand out wherever she goes. A great dress for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and summer fun!

Have a tween that wants to be on trend this season? Then Flowers by Zoe is the option for you. She will love this Americana twist to tween fashion. She will love the tie-dye fabric covered in stars. Made of soft cotton, she will be cool and comfy all day as she hangs with her cousins and friends. From shorts to rompers, there’s something for even the most finicky fashionista.

Nothing says summer like a white dress – an easy, breezy choice for Memorial Day. Here are some new arrivals for your special girl.

She will love this dress covered with floral eyelets and cold shoulder from Truly Me. Eyelets are also featured on the following dress from Ella Moss, along with an off the shoulder design. You can’t go wrong with a white dress for the season.

Remember the reason for Memorial Day with your family and enjoy the long weekend. It’s a great weekend to serve others and to count our blessings. I know I will. I am looking forward to all my kiddos being home for the weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!

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