Easter Sunday

When I was a little girl, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I would say it was ranked higher than Thanksgiving. In my family, we got together every holiday, so I got to enjoy just as much food on Easter as on Thanksgiving, but on Easter we dressed up.biscotti_easter_basket_strappy_dress

I loved dressing up for Easter. The dresses were so pretty and so fluttery, perfect for twirling! Not to mention, there is no better day for a little girl to be oh-so-sure that she is pretty. For me it was a day to parade with my sisters and cousins our new Easter dresses for my Grandmas, Aunts, Great Aunts, and Great Great Aunts. And any other female relative that was around. 😉 Compliments from the ladies at church were also particularly special, because you knew they meant it since they weren’t biased. All the ooh-ing and ahh-ing, made me feel so special–that I truly was lovely. Not to mention, I not only knew I was pretty, but that I was pleasing those around me with my cuteness!


Now that I’ve grown, the parading has stopped. But I still fondly look at all the girls twirling in their new dresses. I enjoy seeing how delightful they can look when they dress up. And I enjoy seeing them glow with happiness because of their new dress and the confidence it gives them of their loveliness. I love complimenting them and seeing them light up. Will you thrill a little girl this Easter?

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