Christmas is a Time for Giving

Christmas is a Time for Giving

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to not have a Christmas celebration? We get so used to the routine every year that I think we take our privileges for granted sometimes. One thing that I know I have tried to make a point to get across to my kids (which I’m sure you have too!) is that Christmas is a time for giving. As we have already posted, LaBella Flora gives every month to the Village of Hope Orphanage in Guatamala. Not only do we believe in giving from the company standpoint, but as well as on a personal level.

Village of Hope

This year our owner, LaDonna, is going with her church group to the Village of Hope to bring Christmas to the children there. Sadly these children have never experienced the joy of what we call Christmas, and they thought it would be a wonderful thing to be able to bring some of our traditions and festivities to them as well as supplies. They will be decorating for Christmas, doing crafts with the kids to help decorate the Christmas tree, and best of all, baking cookies!

cookies for kis

They will be baking 1200 cookies while they are there! Isn’t that a crazy amount? And because they don’t have luxuries like brown sugar, chocolate chips, etc. they actually have to bring the majority of ingredients with them in order to do it. That’s a lot of chocolate!

If you would like to help, feel free to tag, message, or comment here or on our Facebook with your favorite cookie recipes that we just have to share with the kids there! Though anything would be appreciated by them, we may as well give them our best effort right?

xoxo Cassidy

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