Beauty and the Beast Mania

Beauty and the Beast Mania

Wow! It has been a blast to watch the Beauty and the Beast craze hit this spring. Hard to believe that the animated movie was in theaters the year I was born (1991). Now kids (and us adults) get to enjoy the magic of the story in a new way. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was blown away by the new live action film. This movie gave me everything I wanted, and everything I didn’t know I wanted. I was thrilled to have expanded depth. This was added throughout the film in many ways. From the back story of the spell, to the Beast himself, and even the relationship between Belle and her father.Beauty and the Beast

“Evermore” sang by the Beast as Belle left the castle is now a new favorite in my house. This song felt so classic that I actually looked to see if it had been written for the Broadway musical. Which of the songs have you and your kids been playing more than the others?

Beauty and the Beast Dance

Let’s talk about the yellow gown. I remember watching the animated classic as a kid and being memorized by the movement of her skirt as she spun around the ballroom. I, and all of my friends, obsessed over this dress. It was a must have for dress up!

The new dress is gorgeous and the movement as Belle danced? Even more gorgeous. This yellow dress has been given new life and absolutely mastered. I know that this year will be filled with many Belle themed birthday parties, and I can’t wait!

As if this dress wasn’t enough, Ooh La La Couture has also designed a matching jacket. The denim is on trend for 2017 and looks perfect with the gown. A touch of red is found in the roses on the long sleeves and the collar is dressed with a ruffle. This jacket will be a favorite to pair with everything!

Pick up one of these dresses before they are sold out. Where will your daughter wear it? Birthday? Disney Vacation? 0

Photos by Disney and Ooh La La

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