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Flowers By Zoe is a loved designer that provides trendy tween girls clothing and presents slim fitting outfits and comfort that girls love. Most styles run small so be sure to order up a size.
Designed in New York and found on Madison Avenue LaBella Flora is thrilled to be able to offer such a fabulous brand at our small town boutique. Bright colors, flashy prints, witty graphic tees, and one-of-a-kind designs are a must for my tween. She loves wearing rompers and jump suits with sequins, fringe, and the occasional cute graphic. My fashionista looks to her clothing to make a bold statement about herself. She’s a funny and bright girl with an equally shining personality and she loves to express herself with her clothing; this designer helps my little lady show off her best qualities while she wears both cute and trendy styles that are as unique as she is. Some of her favorite outfits are from the brand, and when she pairs them with cute jackets and cardigans, she will often wear some styles year round! She takes a lot of pride in standing out from the crowd and being an individual, and she becomes more and more independent every day. These styles allow her to be herself while still dressing to look her age.
Rompers are very in style right now, and of course my trendsetter has hopped on the romper train! They are comfortable for the warm weather months, and they have a different and trendier look than shorts and a tee shirt. Her favorite rompers are covered in bright patterns like Aztec inspired and tribal prints. She will pair her rompers with denim jackets or cardigans for the school days at both the beginning and end of the year when the weather is warmer, and it adds a different take on her favorite look. The longer jumpsuits are another staple in her wardrobe. She is drawn to the comfortable and effortless style that comes with wearing designer jumpsuits! Their quirky, yet cute patterns are perfect for a day at school, a playdate with friends, or going out for a casual dinner with family. She especially adores the pieces with sequin accents. They are not completely covered in sequins like the clothing she especially loved to wear when she was very young, but they have a sparkling accent that she still falls for!

Trendy dresses are a favorite with my tween daughter. We adore that it is so easily dresses them up or down to wear them for almost every occasion. The fun and fancy prints on the brand’s dresses is often the first thing to catch my daughter’s eye. Any food-related print instantly has her unconditional love! Known for their styles covered in colorful cupcakes or doughnuts, s by Zoe is the perfect brand for her. But she does love the more conventional, yet still edgy styles created by the brand. Tank bodies are a classic look that my princess feels comfortable and confident in. For school, she places the tank dress with a cute cardigan in a bright or neutral color or even a trendy denim jacket. In the warmer months, they make the perfect summer party designs. She adores going to barbeques and wearing her fun frocks! They can be paired with any shoe imaginable. She pairs high-tops with her casual dresses, and this brand’s dresses are perfect for that style. When wearing her dresses for special occasions, she will often pair them with cute gladiator sandals in shiny golds or silvers, or even coordinating bright colors.

My trendy tween loves graphic tees, and Flowers by Zoe definitely delivers in that department! Her sassy personality really comes forward with the brand’s fabulous graphic tees. The tees often are included in sets with pretty printed pants, shorts, or skirts, which makes finding a great matching outfit so much easier! Anything mentioning selfies is an immediate hit with my daughter. She loves to take selfies, my cell phone is full of her goofy selfies she takes when I am not looking, and, honestly, she is just in love with the word selfie. We can often find something involving selfies or emojis in their collections, which keeps my girl very happy! But she does love other things too. The bohemian look is popular with my daughter, and LaBella Flora often has trendy, vintage inspired looks that are fashionable, but still comfortable and age appropriate. As a mom, I am constantly looking for things for my tween that is both fashionable and still looks her age, I am just dreading her growing up too fast!

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