Winter Vacations

The holidays season is not just for Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years! It is also a perfect time for a fun family vacation to a places thats a little bit warmer. When finalizing your vacation plans this winter, don’t forget to get her fabulous new designer swimwear to make her feel extra special! Many of our swimwear lines have already arrived in store, and are ready for some fun out in the waves or diving into the pool.

This first new girls one piece swimsuit comes from the trending brand “To The Nines.” The cool mint green stands out for the season and will have her falling in love quickly! The cute ruffles accent her single shoulder neckline.

To The 9's Swimwear

Not to be outdone, designer Kate Mack has create some absolutely fabulous pieces for their cruise 2014 swimwear line! The photo below is of the is part of their “Monte Carlo” collection that is filled with gorgeous black and white designs! This tween bikini boasts of its vintage inspiration found in the boy leg bottoms.

Kate Mack Bikini

More fun swimsuits will be arriving throughout the season to make every dip in the pool stylish and delightful! Both To The 9’s and Kate Mack offer swimsuit coverups for her to wear in-between swims!

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