Vintage Inspired Girls Clothing for Your LaBella Flora Cutie

Vintage Inspired Girls Clothing for Your LaBella Flora Cutie

One thing that I’ve found in common with quite a few of the designers this season is vintage inspired girls clothing for their fall/winter collections. With lots of subdued and neutral colors, lace overlays, distressed suede and linen fabrics we’re getting quite a bit of romance and whimsy in the air around here! While we all love the cutesy pinks and purples that usually go along with boutique girls clothing, everybody likes a mini me of women’s fashion from time to time for a nice change of pace.

The first outfit that I’d like to highlight is this adorable sequin and tulle legging set from Baby Sara. With it’s detailed beading on the bodice and sheer tulle hem, she will love how dress-like it feels for fall.

Baby Sara

So many of our fall arrivals have details or mixed fabrics on the leggings, making her look like she’s got on some little boot socks! How cute is that?


These pieces from Persnickety Clothing are definitely versatile. The top could be worn alone in the summer, with pants and a layering shirt as shown in the photo for fall or winter, and even with some leggings or tights for an in-between seasons look.

Joyfolie BootsLast but not least, to finish it off here are some beautiful styles from Joyfolie. As if the finish of the lace and suede weren’t giving you enough of a vintage feel, how about those sheer lace up details on the front? Just darling.

What are your favorite vintage styles from this season? Is it a certain cut of the dress? A finish or fabric that brings back nostalgic thoughts? Comment below!

xoxo Cassidy

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