Vintage 20's Styled Dresses for Tweens

The twenties were aptly named when described as “roaring”. They were a time of fun, extravagance, and excitement! 😀 Women were beginning their trek towards independence. The combination of these two led to new and exciting fashion trends. Women became bold enough to cut their hair short. Not as short as the styles women can wear nowadays such as the pixie cut, but still, much shorter than before. 🙂 Their dresses changed too, and became much shorter than they had before. Other style changes to dresses emerged as well and quickly became established as well loved looks. Even to this day, one can’t go wrong wearing a vintage styled twenties dress!

Some of the popular dress styles from the 20’s you can find among the dresses here at La Bella. 🙂 For example, this Biscotti dress sports the ruffled and layered skirt that was all the rage, as well as the straight cut down the sides.


This Elisa B gown has a hint of the many sequins that often covered a flapper dress. The small folds while still keeping the straight waist lines were also a favored style.


The most popular and fashionable style from the 20’s can be found in this Biscotti coral dress. Ruffled layers from the very top of the dress to the bottom was all the rage! Biscotti took this vintage style and reinvented it by using lace instead of beads or regular fabric.
biscotti-coral-lace-dress-for-tweens-1La Bella has many more vintage styled twenties dresses like Elisa B’s White and Gold Party Dress which sports the gold that was a popular color back then, and Un Deux Trois Mint Green Girls Dress which also exhibits the ruffled layer style that was so fashionable then. What is your favorite fashion style from the twenties? 😀

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